Time has changed the essence of retirement, whether voluntary or time-bound. A 60-year-old no more desires the comforts or confinement of a retirement villa located at the prettiest of sea-side locations.With retirement, the curtain barely falls on careers. It’s just a break that one jerks to, for a fraction of time; and, then gets going with routine.

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He’d rather take up a part-time job and work from the villa. Work-life balance does not seem like an unachievable concept post retirement. A range of job options that do not take a toll on a retirees’ health, and encourage better utilization of time, have made life much simpler for those living their golden times. CareerBuilder brings you four career options that fit the career plan for the retired and the aspiring.

Writing: One great thing about writing as a career is that it is embraces people of all ages, no matter what their education is. The only exception is that they should be good with the key skill that is writing. If you believe in the power of the pen, taking up writing as a profession post retirement is an option that you can try your hand at, literally. With freelancing options and part-time careers mushrooming in this industry, writing offers you the chance of working at your own convenience.

Tutoring: For those who want to experience how experience makes them a better teacher, tutoring can be the perfect post-retirement job. As a business opportunity, it can be one of the most lucrative professions for those who have immense knowledge of a particular subject like say math or business. With technology opening up newer arenas of communication, tutoring is no longer a face-to-face transaction. Teaching can be imparted online too, and without you budging an inch.

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Consulting: No matter what field you were serving, or which organization you were working in prior to your retirement, post wrapping up your regular career path, you CAN take up consulting as your full-time profession. What is strange yet positive though is the fact that the number of consultants present in the market today have outnumbered the number of clientele that they have. However, that doesn’t obstruct if you know your niche well and are able to get the pricing strategy right.

Property Management: Somewhat like asset management, property management is about being a pro when it comes to every single aspect of a property/site owned by a business. The day-to-day operations of a property manager are concerned with overseeing the happenings at the property site and manage the ongoing developments.

If you are worried about too much time at hand with too little to do post retirement, rethink your childhood plans of your career once again. Maybe your retirement is just a second chance at your career. So, how about giving things a fresh new start?

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