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Endless wanderlust, a traveling heart & you accept you do not fit into your current job. Traveling is fun but for those, travel is a dream, do not settle for anything less than an ideal job that requires abundant traveling. Want to know your options? Underneath are the 9 best career options waiting to uncover the travel enthusiast in you

  1. Flight Attendant

Flight attendan

Gender is just a word in the airlines industry. This could be one of the best job options that can quench your thirst for travel. National or oversees, the job is interesting, offers new opportunities and allows you to explore a new destination almost everyday. However, realize that the job is not as easy as it sounds. It comes with stringent work timings that you can’t afford to defy. Make up your mind for this job, if you are ready to leave away your lethargic attitude and be disciplined for the rest of your career life. What’s more? With this travel job, you would be blessed with heavily discounted flight tickets for your family more often. A certificate course can help you take the right ladder to this wonderful career.

  1. Archaeologist


Who says you can only watch artifacts at museums or stores? With the job of an Archaeologist, you can enjoy extended trips to historical destinations, dive into research by exploring some of the remotest regions of the planet and enlighten people with the world of anthropology. A master or Ph.D in anthropology or archaeology can open the door to this career for you.

  1. Construction manager
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Construction manager

When you want to make good money with your travel job then switching to a Construction Manager role is a good choice. You will need to relocate to different locations to oversee a project. According to a research, CareerBuilder offers nearly 7,000 construction manager jobs across the nation.

  1. Cruise personnel

Cruise personnel

Who wouldn’t have been lured by the beauty of a sea from the cruise? People often opt for a cruise job when traveling is all that they dream about. Choose your role. You can work as an entertainment performer, chef, a shop retailer or simply the cruise coordinator. Opportunities to work on the cruise are endless. While working, you will not only earn money but also enjoy free meals, free accommodation and various other perks to motivate your traveling jobs.

  1. Destination wedding photographer

Destination wedding photographer

An amazing, trending way to uncover your wanderlust. A wedding photographer needs to capture the newlywed couples on their big day. On top of that, when it is a destination wedding, the photographer would be required at every location the couple wants a perfect snapshot.

Buy a high-quality camera. If you have an eye for detail, you can capture something beyond the naked eyes. Document the big day of the couple, present their love journey and that’s all you would love about your job while on the go.

  1. Event Organizer
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Event Organizer

Event organizers are famous everywhere. Whether it is a grand wedding, small birthday party, corporate cocktail theme or a large-scale festival celebration, we hire them to make our occasions look more extravagant. If you step into this industry, you will be flooded with golden opportunities to travel. From setup to breakdown, you will be coordinating and organizing everything, which will come into the eyes of your audience.

  1. International Tour Guide

International Tour Guide

New to old, solo to groups, we all need expert tour guides to make our trips extremely personal and memorable. Becoming an international tour guide will allow you to travel the popular destinations in your own style. All you need to do is, explore the city to its best so that you are able to guide and entertain your tourist passengers well. Discover the city’s culture, food, history, and key attractions. What’s more? Your passengers will love you for what you are.

  1. Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales-representatives are always on the hunt for best clients. Associate yourself with a product organization and sell the brand across the world. Conduct meetings, seminars, exhibitions, and everything that makes you an ideal sales representative & allows you to discover your love for travel. If you have a charismatic personality, excellent communication skills, nobody can stop you being a sales expert. You sold a product and the incentives are yours! The more deals you bring, the better is your salary and chances to explore the beautiful world.
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      9. Travel Writer

Travel Writer

Writing is one of the challenging jobs for a person who does not have the dexterity & interest for it. However, if you have a knack for writing then do not wait to give this job a second thought. Freelance, part-time or full-time, the job of a travel writer indeed requires abundant traveling. Exploring new places, capturing the beauty & expressing it to the world the blogger’s way, that’s all a travel writer does passionately.

We hope you would choose any one these destinations if you made up your mind on quitting on your present job and explore the world.

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