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LinkedIn Mobile access is growing at an exponential rate, and in the past few years LinkedIn platform expanded immensely, and people (professionals) use LinkedIn in a variety of ways depending upon – What they do, who they are and what are their interest areas. In this blog, let us take you through 3 LinkedIn Apps that totally worth your attention. Including other essentials that you must follow to utilise this platform at its maximum capacity.

1. LinkedIn

Also, called Voyager, which is a first LinkedIn app. In 2015s Talent Connect event, California it was redesigned and relaunched. The new style has a simpler design featuring five main attributes: Search, My Network, Messaging, Me and Home. The new interface is increasing the velocity of communications while making them more conversational and interactive.

Now, this primary app is also attributed with LinkedIn Connected. It lets you stay connected with members of your network without needing you to seek it out actively.

LinkedIn Groups

Build and nurture your professional network with LinkedIn Groups app, which let you find, join and engage with like-minded people. In the fourth quarter of 2015, the app was re-engineered that delivers an excellent mobile experience to users. In our view, LinkedIn Groups is one of the best personal branding tools to stay in touch with industry leaders.

3. LinkedIn Lynda

Learn on the run with LinkedIn Lynda app. You can subscribe to Lynda anywhere and anytime because the app lets you learn in the short burst of time. It not only let you stop a lesson and pick up where you left off, but also allow you to sync your course history with other devices.

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5 LinkedIn Tips to build the perfect profile

LinkedIn Tips
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If you are a start-up or it is your first time on LinkedIn, follow these guidelines and identify 5 simple ideas to leverage LinkedIn to grow your business.

1. Do not leave your LinkedIn profile page incomplete

In one of the study, it is found that members who have 100% full profiles on LinkedIn receive more profile page views than those who don’t.

A Must –Make sure you upload a professional photo only on your profile page.

2. Take the benefit of LinkedIn Alumni Groups

It is an excellent way to reconnect with people who know enough about you and can help to grow your business. Market yourself like a pro in LinkedIn Alumni Groups. It will easily let you grow your network – making new connections.

3. Make efforts to accomplish the goal of 500 connections

On LinkedIn, strong network means creating more opportunities to grow. Connect with influencers and help you to secure more clients. To market your business stay connected with others and you can easily do this with the support of LinkedIn apps (as above mentioned).

A Must – Try to add prospective clients, related industries or influencers more to your network especially in “first 500” connections.

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4. Leverage the LinkedIn Home Page

Sharing updates on LinkedIn homepage regularly is another brilliant and concealed strategy for marketing yourself.

A Must – Share only valuable piece of information which can be industry related like, whitepapers, articles, tips and other resources.

5. Secure the endorsements

Prospective clients or employers mostly prefer to read your endorsements before reading your entire profile page. It gives them a quick snapshot of your skill sets. Add-in top twenty-five skills you wish to endorse for and make sure to keep the best skill at top.

A Must – Initially it would not be easy to get endorsed. Hence, you need to start by endorsing others in your connections. It is a kind of “barter system” for starters.

LinkedIn is continuously evolving and offers a comprehensive platform to everyone globally. Now, it is on us – how smartly we use it and make most of it. Follow these LinkedIn tips to make your profile a valuable part of personal branding strategy.

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