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Technology has long forayed into the domain of human resources (HR), and this has led to the complete transformation, in the way hiring and recruiting is conducted. With the passage of time, organisations have begun to revamp their HR departments by going tech savvy.

Many have shifted to the cloud software in HR and, needless to say, they are reaping its enormous benefits. Experts in the domain of HR are of the opinion that, cloud based HR software has the potentiality to give the organization its necessary agility to survive in today’s fast-paced world.

The present day workplace is changing dynamically due to ever-evolving work attitudes, advanced technologies, cultural diversity and rapid globalisation. To keep up with the pace, organisations have to embrace new technologies in HR before-mentioned cloud HR software and big data. Let’s focus on the benefits provided by cloud HR software.

Advantages of cloud based HR software for the organization

SaaS (Software as a Service) based HR software has come up with the new solution towards HR functions and their challenges. Some of the benefits of cloud HR software is explained below:

#1. Deployment is eased out

By choosing to opt for a cloud based HR software, as an organization you are already easing out the process of implementation. You can avoid some things such as high costs, downtime and extended periods of turnover. Even basic ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software can take up to two years’ to be implemented correctly. While, on the other hand, as an organization, if you choose to apply a cloud based HR software, things will be eased out as much. SaaS-based online HR software is usually ready to use, easy to comprehend, thoroughly tested and set for a one-click HR management implementations.

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#2. Cost-value benefits

The next major benefit of choosing to work on a cloud-based HR software is the fact it adds cost-value benefits to a great extent. The total cost of HR Management proprietary software ownership can be highly staggering; especially when you consider the implementation and developmental costs; clubbed with training expenses along the cost of maintaining, safeguarding, and also testing your software.

On the other hand, a ready-to-go HR software immediately begins generating decent returns on investments without any prolonged wait. Online HR software also provides substantial cost savings and creates greater value for your future employees, hiring prospects, executives and customers who are increasingly using cloud HR software, to pursue company businesses such tapping new markets, introducing new products and also changing company’s focus.

#3. Mobile-friendly accessibility

It goes without saying, a cloud HR software is highly mobile-friendly. It is critical in today’s smartphone culture, that too especially among the millennials who are often targeted by recruiters. About 90 percent of organisations are currently using at least one form of cloud application, and cloud based HR is becoming increasingly common for the process of recruiting.

Cloud HR software that is mobile friendly helps in substantially easing out the overall process of recruitment, therefore, benefiting the organization.

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#4. Increased support options

Support options are critical in today’s HR management practices. This is because, multiple generations of workers are present in one organization today – right from Baby Boomers to Generation Y and of course Millennials. Now, the latter ones are pretty much adept at using technology, while the Baby Boomers find it somewhat difficult to use, modern-day technologies. Now, each generation has its issues to solve about workplace, pays, and benefits. Online HR software support options can offer answers to each employee profile group to all their queries; options for connecting with third-party business associates and even SaaS representatives.

#5. Offers better user experiences

User experiences matter to a great extent regarding the implementation of HR software services. Employees, new hires, prospective job candidates and customers share similar views in one particular area – their appreciation for brilliant user experiences. Needless to say, implementation of the cloud HR software, ensures a substantially better user experience.

Employees want to understand their net income, with deductions and the benefits they are receiving. In case, withholding, takes too little or too much, people would ideally like to adjust their tax deductions on an immediate basis. Earlier, analysing these things were truly a tiring task. On the other hand, a cloud HR software allows employees to view and change information related to their salary, benefits and other aspects of their compensation.

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#6. Ensures easier upgrade

Upgrading to new technologies can turn out to be tedious and can also be somewhat time-consuming. Upgrades can also end up creating problems in SaaS applications. However, these tend to be rare and are not usually endemic problems. Most SaaS upgrade is thoroughly tested and monitored before being implemented.

The other side of upgrades is it is somewhat easy to add and implement new features based on company growth and also new recruiting trends. You can add all kinds of features you need, scale your operations and respond quickly to the actions of competitors.

#7. Third-Party resources for strategic decisions

HR management duties usually involve meeting strategic objectives instead of only processing employee transactions. Cloud HR software can collect and disseminate all kinds of information that empowers long-term business decisions, such as tapping new markets, geographic expansions, or changing company’s focus.

From the above points, it can be concluded that implementation of the cloud based HR software, offers ample benefits to the organization.

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