7 Simple Things Leaders Will Do To Bring Out Talent In Their Team

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When it comes to attracting and hiring talent, two simple approaches work. The one is to source and recruit the best quality talent available on the market. The second is to hire the “decent” (or second best available) talent and bring out the best in them.

If you are opting for “decent talent”, you should start looking for most effective ways to bring out talent in your team and develop a brilliant workforce.

How to bring out talent in your team?

Some leaders drain all their capability and intelligence out of their teams. As they want to be the most capable, smartest person in the room. These managers (team leaders) often shut down the brilliance of others, eventually stifling the flow of ideas.

You know these people because you have worked for them. And, now it is your turn to lead the team and become a better leader.

Here is how to get started!

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1. Listen Intently.

Take time to set aside your agenda and thoughts and tell the person, “You are vital to me”. There is no excellent way to empower another person than to listen thoroughly and carefully to their words.

2. Believe in them.

The best leader gets outstanding performance from ordinary human beings. It is your job to discover what each person does best. And, if you are waiting for the team of superstars, you will be waiting forever. As a leader, you must bring people together to encourage and support each other. If you lead a team, you better have faith in each member.

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3. Share both your strengths and weakness.

Typically, talking about the “encouragement” and “honesty” does not lead you and your team anywhere. As a leader, you must demonstrate your competencies. When a leader is honest about her or his capabilities, it motivates the team to adopt the same attitude.

Remember, the biggest strength for a person is knowing your weaknesses. It helps you to combat effectively with individuals whose know-how is the upright complement to your own.

4. Praise effort, not skill.

Focus on effort, not the talent. It will help you to foster the growth mindset in your team, and support them to realise that with right effort, they can accomplish remarkable things.

5. Invest a lot in training.

At several companies, training is a comic story. In a recent study by CareerBuilder on “Application of technology in Talent Acquisition – Key Learnings & Challenges in Adoption, it is reported,[ctt template=”11" link=”3_37q” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]“62 percent employers spend ONLY 5 HOURS of required training – Quarterly”  #leadership #training @CareerBuilderIN[/[/ctt]p>

Instead, avoid this trap of “so-called corporate training” and start rewarding people for finding the training that “be of importance” to them. Pay for them to take executive education, online courses or college.

6. Ask compelling questions.

Stop telling your employees, “how to do something?” Try talking less and observing more. Once you start comprehending the situation, express your opinion in the form of a compelling question.

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Note – If you want to get the real answer, wait as long as necessary.

7. Spread credit impartially.

The prime motivational technique in every team and organisation is “recognition”. Do not eliminate it by taking all the credit. Instead, give credit to others. It is a brilliant way to thank and inspire them.

It is as simple as following the “reciprocation” theory.

Bonus Tip – Always keep your ego aside! It is not about you; it is about your team and your organisation. As a leader, if you want to be the smartest person in the room, you have utterly failed as a manager and leader. Talk less, listen more!

It is time to change the conventional leadership style and make a real difference. Invite people’s best thinking. When you do these 7 simple things to bring out talent in your team, they will give you more – more of fresh ideas, more discretionary efforts critical for long-term success.

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