7 Dont's Of Conducting Candidate Background Checks

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When it comes to selecting the best candidates to work for your organization, going deeper than just a face value must be regular run-through. For most recruiters, the completion of pre-employment background checks is the part of the onboarding process.

Why is the background check essential?

In a more competitive job market, candidates are more likely to hide or embellish certain facets of their history to appear more appealing to recruiters. While some of these aspects are fairly apparent to the professional recruiters, not all will be easy to underline until the thorough pre-employment background check takes place.

Fortunately, criminal background checks and background screening are available to HR professional and recruiters. Today, employers have the right to gain knowledge of candidates they are about to hire.

These pre-employment verifications ensure prospective new hires do not have anything “lie in wait” in their past that could create safety hazards for other employees and the clients or potentially harm the business.

What is included in Background check?

  • Criminal background checks to consist of the necessary level of authorization
  • Educational & Work History Verification before interviews
  • Before a formal job offer made employer must conduct a Drug Test with the assistance of Third-party administrator
  • Professional reference checks
  • International Work History and Credential Verifications (if necessary)

Avoid These 7 Mistakes While Conducting Candidate Background Checks

7 Dont's Of Conducting Candidate Background Checks
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1. Do not Accept Resume at Face Value

While social networking sites are proficient platforms for connecting with potential candidates, be aware that their presence generates a more risk of resume cloning, assigning even more of an obligation to Human Resource team to completely validate the career history and identity of candidates sourced in this manner.

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2. Do not Twist the Laws

There are several options to conduct a pre-employment background check in the wrong way, which necessitates as an employer, you must pay attention and to follow the rules. However, the pre-employment verification rules differ based on state, local and job–specific laws.

As a recruiter, if you are not sure how to proceed then check with your organization’s legal counsel.

3. Do not use “Data Protection” argument not to Screen Candidates

When it comes to conducting the pre-employment background verification of candidates, there appears to be some mix-up around Human Rights & employment laws as well as data privacy. The Data Protection Act should not be the vindication for employers to be unsuccessful to carry out effective background screening of their prospective hires or employees.

On the contrary, organizations must comply with the data protection laws, and make sure that potential candidates are informed of the background verification policies at the application stage.

4. Do not try to Find out only the Adverse Elements

Inherently, background checks are conceived as a method to underscore negative information about a prospective candidate or new potential hire. Keep the biases at bay and use the background verification also to identify the best that will help you to select between two or more qualified candidates.

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5. Do not Overlook the Importance of Communication

When and if you find something on a pre-employment background verification that may influence the decision to hire a candidate, you should – at least – join in a conversation with the candidate. By conducting that face to face, communication will resolve so many mistakes, misconceptions and report errors.

6. Do not Ask this Question

Typically, when candidate or applicant fills the job application form, he or she come across a question, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime or any illegal act”? This question creates direct discrimination among recruiters.

If you avoid asking such question, then it will give you a more unbiased perspective towards all job applicants. Afterward, you can run an extensive and detailed background check.

7. Do not Run a Partial Search Yourself

As a recruiter and employer, you must know that legal pre-employment background verification can only be conducted by an accredited background check firms only. You can find everything online.

Let’s take a look at top 5 Background Verification Companies in India

>>> KPMG

Head Office: Ahmadabad, Gujarat

It is one of the highly recognized verification enterprise in India that covers all the sectors of market. It has more than 4800 employees in the company.

>>> Securitas

Head Office: Gurgaon – Haryana

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It provides different pre and post-employment verification including, reference checks, Employment verification, database verification, Criminal verification, Residential verifications, Drug check and Gap verification, etc.

>>> Auth Bridge

Head Office: Gurgaon – Haryana

Apart from background verification, Auth Bridge also provide talent solutions and risk assessment including, online screening, employee background check, and substance abuse testing, etc.

>>> Corporate Investigation India

Head Office: New Delhi

This company has its presence all over the world. They offer services like, corporate investigations and pre-employment screening.

>>> D-Code Research Pvt Ltd.

Head Office: Bangalore, Karnataka

This company is involved in a broad array of background verification services from employment checks to vendor’s screening to exit interview and HR process audit.

Experienced recruiters comprehend that background checks are a great deal more complicated that only putting a name in the company’s database. A competent background verification demands specialized resources, knowledge and experience.

The finest way to accelerate the process is to recognize precisely what is involved in the smooth flow of accurate data.

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