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Instagram for Job Ads

Agitated with the flowing array of images constantly popping up in your Instagram news feed? Are you one of those thousand lazy recruiters who post conventional jobs like, “We are hiring!” and think it will suffice to get a candidate’s reply or we should rather say ‘apply’ ?

Instagram might have been one of your ideal social media platforms to keep you updated with your favorite fashion brands or may be to post those couple of job ads that do not seem to be of much significance, the channel can really help you hire better if you just think out of the box.

No other platform can allow to be as creative as Instagram does. So, how can you make the best use of it? Let’s have a look at the 7 most amazingly creative ideas, which allow you to stand apart as a unique recruiter and drive a much prompt attention of your potential candidates.

Instagram Jobs for ads

  1. Picture your candidate

With a few simple Photoshop tools, you can create a person with no physical features, place him/her right and caption the image “This could be you.” This kind of an ad would incite the job-seeking candidate to picture himself in the role and probably approach you promptly. With a little creativity, used smartly, you can close the vacancy that had been on hold for long.

  1. Feature your workforce

Candidates are bored of seeing, ‘we are hiring’ job ads as these often appear to them as fake. Regardless of the department you are hiring for, display a happy image of the team and write something like, “Join this crazy team.” The adjective ‘crazy’ will act like a powerful ad tool to drive the potential candidates apply for the position. No much of an effort but only a little mind work.

  1. Take the ‘Humor ‘Advantage

Users on Instagram tend to ‘like’ those images and videos, which drive them crazy with humor. Why not bring that humor while job posting? Think about using an animated image and writing something like, “How many sales managers are required to close one deal of 1 million dollars?Humor can go a long way in attracting candidates who consider their job as serious. At times, a humorous caption can work like a creative trick to close a serious role.

  1. Feature Job Location

Candidates are always fascinated with the work culture inside the company, as well as, the location outside the premise. With a location view, candidates can also figure out where they are going to apply. Feature a location image saying, “The heart of Bangalore is calling engineers”.

  1. Use Creativity from what you have got

If you are in search for some new staff for your hotel chain, you have the kitchen from where you can fetch the creativity while posting a perfect job ad. What can you use? May be some wheat, some grains, some dry fruits spread on the floor decoratively. What best can you write on the wheat floor? Something like “We ‘knead’ a helping hand.” With such a caption, you played with the word ‘need’ and very effectively you can leave a lasting impression on the candidate prompt him/her to apply for the role immediately.

  1. Use ‘Days of Working’ to Your Benefit

Who doesn’t need a weekend to unwind from a long, stressful, working week? If your organization is active only for 5 days, voice it out on Instagram. Use an image that says,Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fridayand that’s it. It clearly reflects you are happy to work for five days a week. Believe! You are going to drive thousands of candidates at one go. They are just waiting for you to turn up.

  1. Go Unconventional

Yes we know you are hiring. But, are you hiring every applicant out there? No right? Use the fact a little more creatively. Nobody wants to hear anymore that you are hiring. May be if you write something like, “We are hiring!” and “Only if you are awesome!” a statement underneath can do wonders for your business. Enthusiastic, skilled, passionate candidates would certainly apply for a position like this.

The most effective method to make a flawless Instagram job ad has a lot to do with imagination. Think different this time and I am certain your applicants will begin applying in an unexpected way. Telling your brand story through Instagram can make the world talk about you. So say a “farewell” to conventional, dreary job ads and make your challenging HR role all the more energizing, innovative and indeed intriguing with social media recruitment.

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