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Time is valuable and 2015 has been an interesting year for recruitment sector. While, we smoothly transition into 2016, there are a wide range of noteworthy articles that TheCareerMuse published in 2015. They gathered huge appreciation from masses during the entire 2015. They were centered on career advice, recruiters, HR folks and employees. While they were clear winners, there were many which came forward as distinct ones too. Here we go with the TOP 7 BLOGS OF 2015, which are a must-read.

These 7 good-reads of 2015 will not squander a lot of your time and ensure you are all set to make a successful New Year on the career front in 2016.


7TH Most Liked: Tweetchat and Know About Careers in Digital Marketing

The blog makes itself into the highlights as it showcases how the top most social channels, are prepared to encourage individuals with careers in digital marketing.  Let’s discover how CareerBuilder India is encouraged a Tweetchat on Careers in Digital Marketing for each individual desiring to become an effective advertiser or brand marketer. The best answers have been given by the eminent gurus namely, Mr. Ashish Chopra @IXIGO and Mr. Pradeep Chopra @DigitalVIdya. You may also find the entire chat by searching on Twitter with #AskCBIndia. Read on…

6TH Most Liked: Interview Question 4: Why should we hire you

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You have figured out how to answer all the questions. You are currently holding up to make a career plan with the organization. However, suddenly a question is shot at you, “Why should we hire you?” The amazing blog published on TheCareerMuse discloses different tips to answer each question mindfully so you get a response, “We are happy to hire you!” and not, “We will get back to you once you are shortlisted.” The blog guides how a perfect answer can a go a long way in impressing the interviewer or the hiring manager you are encountered with and become the ladder for your success. Read on…

5TH Most Liked: Things NOT to do when searching for a Job

Searching for the dream job is like hunting for the right taste of sustenance. Job-seekers travel throughout the world to invade into the one right association, which can meet all their professional, financial, and personal needs. The blog becomes an important read as it underlines some of the major mistakes such as ‘relying only on job portals’, ‘making only one resume for all the jobs that you are applying to’ and provided the most accurate guidance on how to avoid those mistakes and devise strategies that could help them secure the job, which they desire.  Read on…

4TH Most Liked: How Can Recruiters View Candidates Beyond Resumes?

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HR managers spend the maximum time of their day in reviewing hundreds of resumes, considering which it can be ascertained that their time is too precious to decide whether the candidate they are hiring, is still fit for the organization or not. To unlock this complication of knowing a potential candidate beyond his or her resume, the CareerMuse blog provides amazing tricks to recruiters that can help them solve the puzzle in least time possible. Read on…

3RD Most Liked: People Don’t Leave Bad Companies, They Leave Bad Bosses!

Gone has the time when employees used to be stuck with the same companies because of their innumerable personal liabilities and lack of job opportunities. However, with the advent of endless job opportunities today popping up in every sector, now people do not need to hold on to companies, which neither appreciate them nor their work. Owing to this, the blog published on CareerMuse becomes important to read as it talks about how bosses can become great leaders and retain their employees for a longer haul by giving them appreciation in terms of flexible working hours, appraisals, perks, goof-off areas and more of such enticing work surprises. Read on…

2ND Most Liked: Give the Work Culture you Wish to See in Your Organization

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The word, ‘work culture’ is everything that sums up an ideal work place. The picture of an ideal work environment is revealed in the blog published by Career Muse, visual interpretation of which, can further enhance your experience in learning some interesting details on how a work culture impacts employees and improves their chances of working in that company. Read on…

Most Liked: SaaS for HR – Future of HR Operations

Hours of searching through multiple resumes and still facing the in-ground challenges of hiring the right candidate in least time. Time, cost and effort, are the three major problems, with which the HR of small and mid-sized organizations have been dealing with for long. However, with the swift evolution of SaaS for human resources, most organizations are today adapting the latest way of searching and sourcing candidates. Read on…

Read the Career Muse blog that answers all the questions rushing over your mind in terms of recruitment challenges and how SaaS for HR is ‘the’ solution to fix all those issues in apt time, enhancing the efficiency of the hiring process.

We enjoyed very much writing for them & hope you would enjoy reading them too. Do send us your feedback or Tweet us directly @CareerBuilderIn.

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