Most of us have always dreaded taking a wrong decision, which might have negative effects on your life. We know it is difficult being the decision maker, to analyze and set the wrongs and rights of anything is a huge task. There are a number of educators and motivational speakers telling us about the art of making great decision, but trust me its not that hard. Here are some cool techniques for effective decision-making.

Be Angry
Yes! When you are pissed off your ability to stay with the correct decision increases, you tend to voice yourself in a better fashion. Although studies suggest that keeping your cool keeps you rational, but quite the opposite is true. Your analytical skills go up and you rely on your judgment more strongly.

Hold Your Pee
When your bladder is about to burst and you cannot control is any longer, then is the time for decisions. Holding your pee controls your baser instincts and helps in regulating your attention to logic. A logically sound decision is better than an irrational emotional one.

Procrastinate Actively
Procrastination is supposed to be the worst hindrance to decision making. Not active decision making. Doing the everyday chores and thinking about stuff, literally makes you more mature and competent decision maker. The bas part is sitting at one place and just thinking about it!

Feel The Gut
Your gut knows it better than your brain. Trust it! According to a study, 45 percent tend to take a better decision when they go with their gut. These people also are better in predicting the weather, election results etc etc.

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Read Fiction
No this advice is not weird. Reading a fiction novel makes you susceptible to the feelings and point of view of others, which is crucial in decision making. One should know and understand about everybody that the decision is about and how would it change their lives.

These ideas might sound queer, but they have facts underlining them. Try it, sometime!

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