HR Technology Trends 2017

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HR (Human Resources) is certainly an important part of the organization, designed and developed to deal with the “human part” of the workforce. And now, HR technology has taken over the charge to perform it better. Industry experts believe that the amalgamation of HR and technology is set to get even stronger due to future technology disruptions. A recently published report by Deloitte suggests some evident transformations in the HR industry. The objective of the changes is to give more power to people management where personal aspirations are aligned with organizational goals. Here, organizations must be ready to accept the changes and designate their talent to achieve organizational success.

Indeed, the trends indicate a game-changing scenario. Now, employees need to absorb these new establishments which comprise of understanding the new HR technologies and embrace them for better. The following paragraphs would highlight the specific areas expected to be influenced by the changes:

HR Cloud

SaaS has already entered in the HR technology zone and will be the future of the industry. In a world, where the cloud is influencing everything we access, it would be an injustice if we expect people management to be in the customary form. There are many cloud-based HR tools available, but those are just a scratch on the surface as there is a lot of scope for new players providing exceptional cloud-based HR solutions.

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Integrated Tools

Currently, many organizations may be using different to perform specific tasks. In future, there is a more integrated approach through a single tool to combine multiple activities such as measuring employee engagement surveys, culture assessment or feedback management. To process the talent in an organization, end-to-end technologically robust platforms and unified dashboards would play a greater role, especially to deal with the softer side of people management. Vendors with a bigger responsibility would need to cater the requirement of integrated solutions. Some vendors have already entered the zone, and much more are expected to join.

Performance Management

In the recent years, the performance management models are going through some obvious changes as companies have started removing rating methods such as Bell Curve to rate performance. Rather, they have begun using more flexible ways. Up till now, to tackle performance management, there are no automated tools. The new-age technology lets companies enjoy the benefits of next wave in performance management.

Learning Management Systems

Traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) is an age-old practice which organizations believe has corroded with time and don’t prefer to practice anymore. Adoption of new learning methods is on the rise where ‘video-learning’ is among the promising trends. LMS has started taking a shift towards LEP (Learning Experience Platforms). LEP is a promising learning experience which is just not limited to accessing it for one time only.

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Mobile Tools

The success of any technology depends on the end-user experience. It also applies to the HR fraternity where employee and employer experience defines the success of a particular technology. So far, mobile-based technology has seen tremendous positive responses. Mobile applications and tools will deliver employee self-service which will allow the global workforce to interact with each other.


Recruitment systems are not just limited to ATSs (Applicant Tracking Systems). It has initiated moving out from being only the technological side. Doing it with social processes, marketing, brand building is a prominent practice these days. Enterprise & workflow management, analytics, and sourcing tools will see deep integration through new HR tools.

The notion of these changes is not about efficiency and productivity, but it’s to create a magnificent experience to make the life of employees better. HR technology vendors and organizations must prepare to fulfill these expectations. It would give organizations unexpected success possibilities in the future.

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