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Many Indian professionals are under the impression that they are not well paid as much as their foreign counterparts. Well, it’s time to re-think this. With the Indian economy showing some subtle signs of positive growth, compensation packages of professionals in certain job sectors have considerably grown up. Several professionals are earning a great pay package and leading a life of luxury.

Come 2017, certain job profiles are expected to fetch fat pay cheques and no these are not IIT or IIM graduates. Rather they are pretty simple professions with not-so-glamorous degrees. So, what is it that makes them earn so much while many still struggle to make ends meet? Well, experts believe it’s got more to do with passion and the right skills and of course the career you choose to make for yourself.

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#1. Technical Writer

While writers and content writers are one thing, technical writers have a completely different role. While their job profile is same, that of writing, their focus area is technical writing. They write more about corporate stuff such as white papers and official product descriptions. The expertise required in this domain is two-fold as one needs to know the domain and the format for producing such documents. For companies like Adobe and Oracle, a technical writer is a must have. These documents seem to be important from the marketing for businesses.

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Minimum qualification: At least Graduates and domain experience is required.

Salary: INR 50K to 1.5 lakhs per month

Essential skills: Writing and critical thinking ability; good communication skills.

#2. Growth Hacker

One of the newest to hear professions that has witnessed growth in a very short time is that of a growth hacker. Growth hacking is a concept of bringing in rapid growth in multiple areas & try various methods by experimentation across marketing channels and product development Growth Hacking simply helps to identify the most effective and efficient ways to grow a business. It also refers to a set of both unconventional and conventional marketing experiments that lead to the growth of a business.

Minimum qualification: Graduate

Salary: INR 60K to INR 3 lakhs per month

Essential skills: A/B Testing, Statistics, Digital analytics

#3. Counsellors/ Relationship Therapists

While in the west, relationship therapists are very common, the trend is fast catching up in India as well. Earlier limited only to psychiatrists & psychologists, this has become a brand new profession for the new age youngsters. The main purpose of the job is to help and suggest people with their relationship goals, issues, bitterness in relationships and also how to start off with a happy married life.

Minimum qualification: Graduate with relevant experience.

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Salary: INR 65K to INR 2 lakhs per month

Essential skills: While one needs to be at least a graduate, experience in psychology or similar profession helps one to excel in his role. Also one has to have empathy towards his or her patients.

#4. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is an important part of any business these days. Most of the professionals has 10 years’ of experience in this field and they are the key people in maintaining a brand’s social media reputation. The key is to create an engaged community of followers for the brand.

Minimum qualification: Graduate with relevant experience.

Salary: INR 35k to INR 3 lakhs per month

Essential skills: Strategy planning; optimizing content and technology

#5. SEO Analysts

While this is nothing but an extension of social media and growth hacker profiles, several companies, especially the startups usually appoint a SEO analyst. While the main job is to read in between the lines of Google and keep a track as to how the published content in performing, these professionals often graduate from content and social media.

Minimum qualification: Graduate

Salary: INR 35K to INR 1.25 lakhs per month

Essential skills: HTML Coding and web hosting experience

#6. College/University Professors

This job of college or universit professors might not be as glamorous as that of a senior executive; nonetheless it requires deep understanding of the subject, a lot of patience and great oratory skills. It also requires perseverance and talent, and a professor ought to possess all of the above. Many international universities have started to provide exposure to Indian professors and could be counted as the perks of this profession.

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Minimum qualification: Masters, special qualification for a topic and certification in teaching.

Salary: INR 40K to INR 3 lakhs per month

Essential skills: Critical thinking and great speaking skills

From the above information, it can be concluded that, several new jobs are about to come up next year and those professionals who are already in the above-mentioned fields, will take a fat pay package back home.

Source: Economic Times

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