There would be very few of you who would have never dreamt of becoming millionaires or billionaires, most of us want a lot of money in our lives to do a lot of things. Some of you would want to buy a private jet, a yacht or an island!
But, here are people who despite of having ample money to do anything they want to, chose to live modestly. The lack of opulence and grand lifestyle makes them an outlier in their class of people and yet establishes them as a strong component of the society.

Azim Premji
The third richest man in India having a net worth of 12 billion takes a 3-wheeled auto rickshaw whenever he returns from the airport, after securing business deals worth millions of dollars. The owner of Wipro-India’s tech giant, drives a Ford 1996 model. His economical mindset makes him monitor the amount of toilet rolls used in office premises and he also makes sure that the lights and fans are switched off before leaving. A cheeky saying goes, ‘Premji makes Uncle Scrooge look like Santa Claus’

Mark Zuckerberg

The man needs no introduction. He is one of the youngest billionaires in the world with a net worth of 13.8 billion. The Chairman, CEO and founder of the social network Facebook prefers to wear the same grey hoodie to office every day. He also has a deep admiration for his sandals and jeans over suits and leather shoes, unlike his other billionaire counterparts. He also likes to hog on McDonalds’s burgers and was seen on gorging on one during his honeymoon in Italy, instead of splurging in fine dining.

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Ingvar Kamprad
Founder of IKEA, a company which designs and sells furniture. With a net worth of 3 billion, he is a man of necessities. He humbly drives his 15-year old Volvo and flies economy class. His home is said to be decorated with inexpensive IKEA furniture and he is often seen haggling over prices in the market. He likes to dine at inexpensive restaurants and possess no desire for ‘higher’ living.


Amancio Ortega
The founder of Zara and the richest man in Spain, whose net worth rose to 22.5 million in 2012 is not an extravagant spender. He owns a Audi A8, which is not a fancy car by billionaire standards. The man, lives with his wife in a discreet apartment in Spain. The owner of a clothes brand is closefisted when it comes to his own, as he prefers a simple uniform of blue blazer, white shirt and gray pants everyday to office.

Warren Buffet
Everyone might know Buffet as the once richest man on Earth, but nobody knows that he hardly spends his cash. With a net worth of 53.5 billion, Mr. Buffet undeniably has a LOT of money to look after. He uses most of his personal profits for charitable institutions and provides money to foundations. He does not own a mobile phone and thinks most of these expensive gadgets and toys are simply ‘a pain in the neck’

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Carlos Slim Helú

He is the wealthiest man of the world, with a net worth of 73 billion. This self-made person leads a simple life in his 6-bedroom flat. He drives himself to work every day and does not fancy any private jet or a yacht. Simply put, he is hardly a spendthrift even if he is the richest man on earth.


People with a great deal of money are not always impulsive spenders. For some are born simpletons while others make it a way of life. Having bundles of notes in the pocket does not always come with the pretext of spending it. Does it?

Which billionaire/millionaire do you look up to?

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