5 Ways Organizations Drive Away Brilliant People

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Today, organizations of every size love to talk about talent management. And to one’s surprise, they can talk about the talent all day long. It is simple to talk about “talent” in a recruiting brochure or a corporate website.  It is relatively easy to say than realizing “we value talent more than anything!”

However, attracting talented people into a company and hanging onto them – is another story.

5 Ways Organizations Drive Away Brilliant People

It is gloomy to say; most employers do a better job of driving a talent away then reeling them in. This happens both, during the hiring process and after the employee comes on board. Apparently, they don’t do it purposely. It is just that they fail to see how their policies, attitudes and systems frustrate and repel talented people.

A Black Hole in Talent Management – Biggest Talent Repellent in Every Organization

Once a newcomer or Johnny-come-lately starts the job, more talent repellents are waiting. Some of them are operational while some are cultural.

Here are 5 favourite ways employers drive talented people away from their doors.

1. Long Drawn Out Recruiting Portals

If it takes a job seeker more than half an hour to complete all the mind-freezing fields in your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the best people have already fled for greener meadows. It has been observed that lengthy resume submission or job application form results in higher drop-off rate.

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2. Inflexible Time Off Policies

Once the new hire comes on board, she or he can only submerge into the job unreservedly, if the rest of her or his life is thinking about by employer. Modern day workforce put “flexible working hours” on priority. For them – Organization culture is everything.

3. Clever compensation Plans

If you wish to gauge an organization’s ability to keep and snag talent, pay attention to its pay policies. At the time of appraisal, when your manager says “I am extremely sorry, but I cannot offer you more than 2% raise, because, you know, it is our company policy,” you have learned all you want to know about the significance of talent in your organization.

4. Slow & Cumbersome Processes

Some methods are useful, but lots of them are slow and burdensome. It is guaranteed that you are losing talent:

“If people who arrive to work ready to rock it are barred from doing their job due to some fear-based process is gumming up the works. People might be sitting at their desks when you walk by. Nevertheless, their brains and hearts are elsewhere”.

5. Triumph of the Apple Polish

The last but not the least repellent on our list is the organizational culture that punishes honest dissent and reward Apple Polish. Most of us have seen organizations like this, where passionate people asking tough questions are silenced, and Yes Women & Men are exalted.

When people (employees) get excited about a goal, they knock down every blockade in sight nonetheless, when people are not excited, the greatest you can get from them is resentful amenability with these above mentioned operational and cultural barriers. Now, as an HR leader you need to decide, which way do you want to lead?

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