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The most effective association between an RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) and the clients are not about the individual profits for both the parties. Rather, the most successful relationship is a long-standing relationship where the client relies on the RPO services, and the service provider successfully meets their recruiting needs.

For an organization, it is crucial to know why to choose RPO. Following points would guide you about the situations when you must consider a professional recruitment process outsourcing service:

1. When you are not able to meet the requisition numbers

There might be some under performing talent acquisition strategy in your department. Probably the hiring numbers are not meeting the required headcounts. You are always struggling to fill the open positions, but not able to find the right candidates. You need to increase your efforts to match up the increased requisitions. There could be multiple reasons. RPO services keep a good eye on your data and metrics and processes accordingly using the best-recruiting technology.

2. When you need a cost-effective recruiting solution

Cost-effectiveness is not the sole reason for choosing RPO, but we cannot overlook this profitable element altogether. When RPO is fast becoming the hottest part of corporate culture, there must be some positives associated with it. There certainly isn’t anything wrong if you rely on RPO services for recruiting. Apparently, as a growing business, you look forward to more head counts, contracting out would help you cost-effectively. They know whether they need to increase their work force to deal with your increasing organizational needs. In fact, the existing recruitment team members now deployed for the more strategical side of HR in your organization.

3. When you have no recruiting plan

Startups either have no or small recruiting team. It leads them to a situation where they do not have robust recruitment strategies in place. Despite the fact, other things are working fine, inconsistencies in the recruiting segment can control the company’s long-term ability to attract and employ talent base. Therefore, an RPO can optimize the speed of your current talent acquisition strategy by recognizing the gaps and restructuring the entire process.

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4. When your recruiters are slowed down

HR comprises of multiple endeavors where recruiting is one of the activities. Recruiting requires specialization, which demands a separate team. If HR and recruiting are merged, the recruiting process slows down. Here, Recruitment Process Outsourcing can become a separate wing of the organization to recruit the talent for you. A common misbelief is RPO services can lessen the head counts by complementing the role of these staffs who should be recruiting for you. But, when arranged appropriately, an RPO helps you reinforce the administrative and strategic tasks by utilizing and deploying the same team members. Now, the focus of the team becomes “strategizing the best.”

5. When you need to hire for different locations

Probably, you want to increase the quality or/and numbers of permanent employees on an urgent basis for a different geographical setup. But, you don’t know how and where to start. As RPO is the specialized recruiting service, they have experience of dealing with clients who need talent across multiple geographies. If your internal recruiting team has no experience in handling multiple geographical recruiting, RPO is expert at such practices where they know how to deal with international candidates.

RPOs have progressed significantly over the years and have become a prominent part of the medium, large and growing business setups. For many organizations, saving on recruiting process is not the only reason to opt for RPO, there are numbers of services they provide and help the organization focus on other important aspects of your business.

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