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For long, the talent market has been dominated by conventional modes of sourcing.  The term, ‘growth’ has always remained to be the golden word for innovators. With tough competition always fueling the anxiety to bring the right people on board, various mediums of interviewing have created a bigger buzz. Video interviewing, being one of the most revolutionized platforms for recruiting has come a long way in reaching out small, medium to large-sized employers of the world.

Video interviewing is like engaging candidates prior to hiring, which is why, taking a glance over the following 5 trending apps could be your next success in recruitment:

5. Spark Hire

What’s in store for HR?

  • One-way video interviews allow for candidates to answer interview questions at their own time of convenience.
  • Connecting face-to-face interviews with candidates no matter what their geographical locations are.
  • Better decision making options to select the best candidates without any manual administration tasks.

  4. Camooze

What’s in store for HR?

  • Allows HR managers/recruiters to quickly manage their candidate selection process by getting consisting results without delay.
  • Allows recruiters to create questions with the list of available suggestive questions
  • Allows candidates to record their answers on a webcam, sharing emails of those is easy.
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  3. LaunchPad Recruits

What’s in store for HR?

  • The free app allows recruiters to express what their company is all about
  • Allows recruiters to assess the best candidates to be called on board
  • Reduces time, cost & hassles of traditional interviewing

  2. HireVue

What’s in store for HR?

  • Allows for multi-sessions live interviews
  • Allows recruiters to conduct organized & straight-forward interviews
  • Improved language support adds convenience to candidates

 1. GreenJob Live

What’s in store for HR?

  • The app is environmental-friendly, safe for interviewers
  • Allows recruiters to meet live with candidates with proper time schedules
  • Allows recruiters to conduct interviews, anytime, anywhere.

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