A wise man once asked, “If you succeed at failure, do you succeed or fail?” The notion of success is somewhat like the answer to the wise man’s question. Everyone knows success differently. At the age of 20, your idea of success may be to be able to buy an iPhone without thinking twice; at 30 it might be to be able to start your own business and at 50 it may be to build your own retirement home. Whatever, your definition of success may be; the point is that it matters. This New Year CareerBuilder brings to you some tips on success by those who know it.


1. Think For Yourself: Yes, you need to be selfish when it comes to success. And yes, you have to think about your benefit when it is all that matters. There are a number of people who will be ready to guide you and give advice but only a few know you and your business back to front. No one defines success for you, so they shouldn’t be the ones when it comes to reaping benefits or setting goals or you. Remember, you know best. Tony Robbins elaborates on “Think” as Think For Yourself, Have Clear Goals in Mind, Imagine being where you want to go, Notice when Opportunity Knocks and Keep heading towards your goal. Simple tips that help you survive in any business be it related to Financeor to Technology
2. Just Be: Amongst many famous and inspirational quotes by Bill Gates is one that talks about “Just Being at the Right Place at the Right Time”. This essential recruitment rule applies equally well to success as well. After all some of success is luck while some is careful planning.
3. Be Your Own Boss: The take-away is not to boss around others but to boss your problems. Donald Trump quotes, “Resolve to be bigger than your problems. Who’s the Boss?” Managing your problems makes is a sure way to success. And if you don’t do that, you will succeed in failing. Surely then there is no failure.
4. Be Visible: That’s how Richard Branson puts success. He quotes that to be successful you need to “be visible”. Important and True; you can’t work in isolation and alone if you want to get noticed. And you can’t be successful until you get noticed. Once you have reached there, the next step is to get noticed on the top or the front page.
5. The Customer is Always Right, Well, Most of the Time: Another one from Richard Branson. Till now we knew that success was the customer being happy and so we treated them as the king. There is a different definition of success now, which says that the customers can be wrong some times. You need not accept things blindly; least of all your fault when you are actually right.

Much has been written and done about understanding success. Like the story about “Buddha’s” entitlement, after much being discussed about success, it turns out that success is all about feeling at peace with yourself. Ultimately, it’s all in the mind.

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