Company culture is not made by tennis tables or popcorn machines, a couch to work on or an ice-cream parlor in the office. It is made most importantly by employee retention, revenue and sales. If the company is sagging behind, the need to use all the fluff decreases. If the employees are not happy by the leadership, then they would leave the organization someday.

To counter of all of that, we need a cheerful company culture which is result-oriented.

If you want to turn the culture, start talking. Have meetings with the leadership and give them space to open up. By the third or so meeting, when you know mostly everything, then start a drive amongst the leaders to do more and yearn for more. Start the winning culture talk!

Highlight The Pros
Every company culture, has pros and cons. A winning culture simply highlights the pros before anybody can even go to the cons. Initiate the new objective, vision and mission of the company, after conducting a survey which will give you an idea as to where the organization is heading to. Define desired behavior and reward when a benchmark is achieved.

Straight Communication
For starting out, always make sure the communication is direct and very straight-forward. Treating each other with respect is all that counts in making a great company. Words like ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, ‘I appreciate it’ make a huge difference, when said from both the leader and the subordinate.

When teams start showing signs of an upcoming great culture, start having weekly gathering where all the small problems that are encountered are discussed thoroughly, as some of these can cause great disturbances in the workings. Solutions are to be provided and approved and work is resumed with greater vigour and higher efficiency.

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Check The Pulse
After you have made a cheerful culture, start analyzing the way it has been working after every six months. For the same, conduct a survey and take into account everything from employee feedback to revenue rates. Assess where the organization is going and recommend necessary changes if any!

The candies and vacations come on the side, if such is a culture is maintained!

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