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You would not take the first offer when buying a house or from a car dealer, so why would you accept the first offer (salary package) from your employer?

Do you know nearly 1/5th of all employees never negotiate salary when they take a job? If you are one of them, then do not read this article.

If you know your worth, then you should scroll down and read these 5 salary negotiation secrets that can help you to get perfect figures in your paycheck.


5 Salary Negotiation Tactics Revealed

1. Be precise about what you are willing to give up

Before you start negotiating, find your bargain chips – What makes or break for you?

–    Salary? Severance? An excellent offer? A non-compete agreement? Vacation?

2. Keep Proving your worth

Once you are talking money, do not stop selling yourself. Keep volunteering strategies and ideas for collaring challenges in your new job. The more an employer values you, the more he or she will be willing to pay you.

3. Leverage any other offers

While negotiating your salary cleverly bring up your conversation with hiring managers. Tell your employer about any offer you may have. That information can only reinforce your negotiating power.

4. Offer to do a project before you take a job

Lend your expertise to your future employer, offer to do a project on prorated basis. Once, you are in the door and exhibit how good you are; the company will likely to meet your salary request.

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5. Do your Homework

Your pre-interview homework does not end at analysing business portfolio but asks you to research on the compensation levels and perks at your future employer. Leverage the information available free of cost online to negotiate better.

Salary negotiation is challenging, but it is particularly intimidating for young graduates starting their career. Any How-To on job offer bargain will advise you to use your experience and skills as leverage. Hence, how do you make a strong case in front of your prospective employer when you do not have right ammunition?

First of allDo Negotiate. And, when you convince in doing so then use these five above mentioned tactics to get the desired job offer.

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