5 Most Unfair Questions Recruiters Must Not Ask During Interviews

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While, there is a multitude of questions recruiters ask from candidates, there are some ‘unfair’ set of questions, which no candidate would appreciate answering. These questions may hurt the candidate’s sentiments and become the reason for not turning up once hired.  Sometimes, even higher packages takes a back seat, when there is a question on integrity.

Enrolled are the top 5 questions, which recruiters must-never ask from during an interview:

5 Most Unfair Questions Recruiters Must Not Ask During Interviews

Question 1: “Please Specify your Race?”

Absolutely illogical question to ask from your candidate who has appeared for the interview. Candidates’ race is not likely to add or reduce any impact on their work performance in future. Asking for their race on the contrary, can turn out to be a point of offense for them and you might end up losing a valuable talent. Unless and until, he or she is applying for a modeling role, this question can be replaced by a submission of photo along with the application.

Question 2: What is your National Origin?

The question is irrelevant and may not be appreciated by the candidate. If ‘language’ is the need for the role, the question can be asked in the application form itself with ‘spoken languages’. Besides this, a fairer question could be, “Are you comfortable working for our U.S. clients once employed?”

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Question 3: Please Specify your Age?  

Asking questions based on the age of candidates are applicable only if the job roles include actor, teacher, Navy officer, Army commando or other. If the age is a concern, you may ask, “When did you pass your high school?”, “Are you the eligible age to perform this job role?”

Question 4: Do/Did you have any disabilities?  

Employers must not discriminate against candidates who are disabled and must devise new codes of conduct for the physically disabled employees before hiring them. Asking an applicant whether he is or was disabled, demoralizes the enthusiasm to work. Think from his perspective. A good approach could be a medical examination, which can be useful in assessing candidate’s physical strength and medical condition, if required in the field.

Question 5: Have you ever been to jail?

“A person is innocent until he or she is proven guilty.” This question is hence illegal to ask from a candidate who has appeared for the interview. Recruiters must weigh various elements when evaluating a candidate and take hiring decisions, which neither hamper the identity of the brand nor the morale of the candidate, who is a human being at the end of the day.

The task of interviewing is indeed a tedious one. However, the task must not be taken for granted on the cost of losing an applicant based on the wrong set of questions asked from him during the interview process. Effective communication is not only expected from candidates but also from recruiters who schedule interviews. In such a crucial scenario, preparing the right questions and getting them cross-checked prior to the interview can add a huge difference in the results that will appear afterwards.

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