5 Myths about Applicant Tracking System

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Technology for businesses has not only made work substantially easier, it has also evolved to become more pocket friendly for them. Previously, the use of technology was limited to high-end businesses but now a large number of business setups in India are using technology to deal with multiple challenges associated to their business.

One segment in large-sized companies where technology has created a greater impact is –Recruitment. Tedious, slow and time-taking recruitment process has now become faster, easier and automated with the growing adoption of Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Presently, more and more number of businesses have employed an ATS positively because a good ATS system can streamline their recruiting process, generate a high ROI, and reduce operating costs at the same time.

5 Myths about Applicant Tracking System
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If deploying Applicant Tracking System is crucial for any business, why are recruiters sometimes unwilling to use it? Following are 5 myths and the facts associated with ATS system:

“It is for large organizations only”

Many hirers believe that Applicant Tracking systems are meant for bigger companies where hiring is a continuous process. Moreover, they assume that since their company has a limited number of hiring, they really don’t require any ATS system. But, if you have the similar perception about ATS system, you are mistaken. When you are planning to expand the quality of hiring to cope with the increasing challenges in the market, it is important to go for an ATS system. If you are not able to identify and approach best talents and utilize social media, you will not be able to hire talented workforce for you organization. It helps you attract quality candidates through social channels and other platforms.

“It’s too costly”

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Often, recruiters have a pre-conceived belief that ATS is costly. They believe that installation cost and cost of running are high. But, the truth is ATS is a crucial tool when it comes to high ROI generation. If organizations use it to its full potential, it would facilitate organizations hire fast and cheap if compared to the initial costs of implementing it to the hiring system. It has a long-term benefits which companies starts enjoying month after month.

“ATS and Job Boards are same”

ATS system and job boards are two different things in the world of recruitment, but, unluckily people sometimes consider ATS as similar to job boards. People who have this notion are already using job boards and they feel that job boards are fulfilling their recruitment needs. But, the reality is they have to post jobs on the job boards manually. With an ATS you can advertise open positions online to multiple job boards. Collectively, these two tools can help hirers save money, efforts and time and achieve improved results in hiring.

“It fails in mass hiring”

“ATS in mass hiring is difficult to use”, many of the recruiters think like this. In fact, ATS can become the most effective tool for mass hiring. It ensures the entire process is streamlined and candidates are efficiently screened. Mass hiring is a time-taking and tiring process and often turn out to be devastating. Why it turns out to be a disaster? Because, a manual hiring does not provide an effective screening within the limited time frame. You can scan thousands of resumes within seconds through keywords based and algorithms based searches.

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“Comfort is missing”

Working on excel sheets is convenient for some recruiters than working on such HR tool. The reason behind this practice because they just don’t want to put in the initial efforts and time to understand ATS and its benefits. In reality, ATS systems make the hiring system easy and fast. Using ATS has long-term benefits that provides a robust automation in the hiring activities.

ATS’s equipped with different functionalities allow organizations derive the best value for their money. It would bring multiple benefits where you would feel relaxed as a recruiter even in mass hiring. It would be one of the best decisions for your organizational growth as a leader or if you are looking forward to build your credibility far better in the eyes of jobseekers.

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