5 Mystical Traits of Lord Shiva For Enterpreneur

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Often termed to be ‘The Destroyer’, Lord Shiva lived in cold mountains, depriving himself from the materialistic world. With the booming startup eco system, here are the top 5 traits entrepreneurs can learn from the Supreme God.

  1. The ‘Rudra’
    “If a man is simple trying to achieve something without a firm determination, he or she cannot be successful.”

Tip: While running a startup organization, the entrepreneur must be bold yet wise and loving towards his employees and take tough decisions, which are directed towards organizational success.   This can only happen with firm determination in mind to create cultural, personal and organizational success.

  1. Maha Yogi or a Householder
    “One must have control over sleeping, eating, speaking and drinking too much and have a balanced approach in life.

Tip: Just Like Lord Shiva who makes time for his family amidst great responsibilities including saving the world from evils, entrepreneurs must not leave their enthusiasm regardless of their personal issues. However, they must know and learn the tricks from the Supreme God to bring a perfect balance between family and career.

5 Mystical Traits of Lord Shiva For Enterpreneur

  1. Ardhanarishvara
    “One must have respect for each other’s goal, as well as, each other’s path.”

Tip: Just like Lord Shiva has given high respect to his better half Parvati by keeping her as equal as him, as talented as him, the  budding entrepreneurs must not possess a biased mindset and treat their employees(men/women) equally by appreciating their diverse skills and regard them by boosting their morale to perform with those even better.

  1. An artistic creator
    “One must possess a sense of admiration for the mentor.”

Tip: The Lord Shiva is popularly known as the creator of ‘weed’ after the incident when Devas and Rakshasas were stirring the ocean of milk. The Supreme God created cannabis from his body in order to purify the mixture.

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In business sense, if you are a budding entrepreneur, know that with every creation comes innovation. You must never skip from creating a solution for your business or employees, which can ultimately result in organizational success. For this, arranging self-development programs for employees is a great approach which can help create more innovators in the organization.

  1. HariHara Avatara
    “Patience and destruction”

Tip: HariHara avatar is an amalgamation of Lord Vishnu or Hari (God who is quiet & calm), and Shiva or Hara (god who is angry for the right reasons). The true meaning behind this avatar means one trait that focuses on sustaining life, while one focuses on cleaning the unwanted dust to generate something new.

Entrepreneurs can learn from this wonderful and powerful avatar by being strong in situations of crisis and dealing with all the consequences of losses in the startup and always positive in beginning something new despite the losses to ensure the consistent continuity in the cycle.

While, the traits of Lord Shiva are legendry but still hold significance in today’s times if even a small portion of these traits is well understood and implemented in the wisest way.

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