HR Analytics Courses

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Executing HR analytics is a significant deal for a lot of organisations and people. Most HR professionals struggle with following questions, especially when companies are now more focused on implementing analytics tools within HR systems.

–    What do I need to know?

–    Where should I start?

–    Which are HR analytics courses worth my effort and time?

Today, HR analytics attracts diverse crowd ranging from data analyst and HR managers to professionals. However, it does not implies that every course is equally impressive for everyone.

Therefore, we bring you 5 HR analytics courses online worth contemplating. Let’s take a look.

HR Analytics Courses

1. An overview to R (Data Science)

Doing HR analytics on excel sheets is not only time consuming but has some significant limitations. “R” is an open source tool for data modelling, statistics, and visualisation. It not only provides the conception capabilities but also empowers HR professionals to use statistical techniques efficiently.

Note – No programming background is needed for this course.

Course Details

The first course is “Try R,” which is available online and is free consisting only seven chapters. “Edx” is one platform offers a little more detailed introduction to R. However, the first lesson at Edx is a free while for subsequent chapters (tutorial) you have to pay a fee.

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You can access the course here.

2. People Analytics (University of Pennsylvania)

It is an online course offered by the University of Pennsylvania and delivered by three professors. The course will introduce you to four major elements of People Analytics including – Talent Management, Staffing, Performance evaluation, and collaboration.

Course Details

The course takes total eight hours of study, and it is available for free. There is also access to quizzes and Certificate of Completion by the University.

You can access the course here.

3. Fundamental Principles of Human Resources Management (University of Minnesota)

HR analytics is nearly impossible to understand and implement without some basic knowledge of Human Resource Management (HRM). No matter how expert data analyst you are, if you fail to learn the basics of HRM, then it is hard to make sense of your data and results.

The Carlson School of Management (at the University of Minnesota) offers a course to individuals who require experience in HRM.

Course Details

The course is taught by Professor Budd, which include tests, reading materials and completes with an assignment. Every course takes almost twelve hours to complete.

You can access the course here.

4. Data mining using Weka (University of Waikato)

You do need the programming experience for mining the data. Weka is a clickable and visual interface that let you use the mouse instead of having to write in codes (unlike what we do in R).

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Course Details

Weka is a free software and prof. Ian Witten from University of Waikato (New Zealand) explains how it works in a series of practical videos. The first half an hour will deliver a basic introduction to data mining algorithm.

You can register for the course online for free. Although, the course opens within selected months in a year. When you apply for this course, University will also send a certification of participation.

You can access the lectures here.

5. The Analytics Edge (MIT)

MIT offers a course on data analytics termed as “Analytics Edge.” The program is categorized in three different elements of data analysis. The primary focus of the course is R, which will be used throughout the program.

Course Details

The course also entails information about linear optimization, regression analysis, clustering, and decision trees and data visualization. Allison O’Hair and Dimitris Bertsimas along seven other professors and Ph.D. students worked on this program.

If your requirement is to analyze a large set of data, this is the course worth considering.

You can access the course here.

There are several other great courses accessible online on HR analytics. However, these are few of the best worth contemplating by HR professionals.

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