Life doesn’t come with an instructional manual. So, every time you label something as a mistake, turn back and look at it. Do you really regret your action? If not, why call it a mistake at the first place. Conventions have set some norms, which if not followed, are often tagged as impulsive behaviour headed for a blunder. Rethinking your values will help you notice the difference. CareerBuilder India lists five things that would otherwise be called mistakes that every new job aspirant should make.



1)      Be Hooked to Social Media: While social media sites might be looked down upon as an obsession by the people belonging to Gen-X, the younger generation understands that networking is the key to a good personal and professional life. Social media translates to being a resource. So, whether you are looking forward to a job in Technology or in HR, being socially up-to-date is important.

2)      Ask As Many Questions as You Want: A candidate asking questions at the time of interview was not a something that would happen ten-twelve years ago. At present, the interviewers are looking for people who drive conversation and steer it to new directions. Sometimes, especially when you are new to something, it is required that you ask too much. Unlike what you think, the interviewer will appreciate your curiosity and willingness to learn. 

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3)      Go for the Untried: Untried and untested arenas are quite popular today, when it comes to making choices pertaining to studies or careers. Many parents still coax their children into studying engineering or medicine; however, some kids are brave enough to make choices based on their inner calling. For them, mainstream is not the answer to their career path. 

4)      Don’t Listen: Influence can be a saviour or a spoiler. But – as far as – career choices are considered, it should be entirely yours. Block out any illogical explanations that are meant at steering you away from your preferences. Now while you should not act like a rebel, it is important that you put across your decisions assertively.

 5)      Spend All that You Have Saved: At first this might seem like a ludicrous piece of advice, especially if you have always been taught to save for the rainy day. But the point is, how are you supposed to benefit by spending all your savings? It’s simple – once you have zero money in your pocket, you will be motivated to replenish the lost stock and try harder to earn better.

Ostensibly, mistakes can either get the better of you or make you better. Moreover, the above options promise that you won’t have to feel guilty about committing them.

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