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India has a major population of working people in the urban parts and everyone looks for jobs now and then. To facilitate the jobseekers in finding suitable jobs, there are numerous staffing companies in the country. In fact, the staffing industry has been around for decades. These staffing companies are becoming more widespread. Both job seekers and companies are now realizing the benefits of such recruiting agencies which are benefitting companies with required workforce and jobseekers with suitable jobs in hand.

However, there are myths and doubts surrounding the staffing industry defaming it. This write-up would debunk five myths you may have heard about the recruiting industry.

CareerBuilder_Myths about Staffing Industry
CareerBuilder – Myths about Staffing Industry

5 Myths about Staffing Industry

“I am working with a company for which a staffing agency hired me. Will it look good on my resume?”

Sometimes, bigger organizations have their recruitment partners/agencies which help them hire required candidates for multiple positions. It saves companies from spending time on the hiring activities. When it comes to working under such conditions, you should not be worried at all. Prospective employers only see your experience and don’t like to see large gaps in your experience. So, it is good to work rather waiting for a direct payroll. Working with a recruiting agency shows your flexibility, determination and reliability.

“I have heard that staffing firms charge money for hiring.”

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Unprofessional, unreliable and unauthenticated staffing agencies, in short fraudsters, ask for money as a commission and you get nothing as a job. In most of the cases, either you are cheated or you get hired not for the company you are actually told about. Professional, reliable and authenticated staffing companies never charge any money from candidates, it is between the agency and the company. They charge a small fee for hiring and administrative services.

“One of my friends told me that staffing companies hire for only temporary positions.”

There are both possibilities – businesses which are looking for temporary staffs and businesses which are looking for permanent employees. Temp-to-hire employees get placed in a temporary position at first but that temporary position does have the likelihood of turning into full-time work. Companies hire temporary staffs doesn’t mean, you are temporary employee, you are always under the consideration to be hired permanently.

“Staffing Agencies are too expensive!”

Hiring is a tedious process. Staffing agencies post jobs on different channels, search for applicants, screen resumes, follow-up multiple times, interview candidates, and agencies perform many other activities which end up costing far more than one can expect. Besides, post hiring comprises of onboarding, payroll, providing health and safety, etc. For such extensive recruitment process they charge a small fee.

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“Are the staffing agencies filling employment gap in a right way?”

Large-sized companies individually and internally handling the staffing activities cannot fulfil the requirement of timely hiring. They help companies in finding the most qualified, reliable, and experienced candidates. On the other hand, jobseekers need suitable jobs. To balance the situation, here, staffing agencies play a great role! Staffing agencies fill a gap in the employment industry.

In a country like India where population of working individuals is increasing day by day and the FDIs, startups and extreme industrialization are collectively creating a large number of jobs, staffing firms have become the backbone of hiring. We cannot ignore its important at any cost. Staffing Industry is a bridge between jobseekers and employers connecting them all for a good, a good for India!

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