Have you ever wondered why you put on the mascara and apply a smart lip gloss right before you are about to enter the interview room? Even if you don’t really believe in makeup you make sure that your outfit is neat and hair is nicely combed. A recent survey says that makeup makes women appear more confident. But makeup not just ups your confidence quotient, it in fact teaches you a lot about the right attitude to wear at work too. Well, if you under the impression that the post will discuss makeup artists, then it will be surprising to note that it will not. CareerBuilder digs out 5 interesting things that you can learn from makeup to better your on-the-job prospects:

1. Patience: No matter how hard you try, you can’t get things right if you are trying them for the first time. Like the first time you applied eye liner and it never seemed perfect, the same rule applies to your designing efforts too. Your iPhone application will turn out to be a little less impressive than expected every time for the initial one or two months, but then your patience will pay off.
2. Practice: The nail paint remover will be the most important thing in your life until you learn how to apply the paint neatly. Practice, as they say, makes a man perfect. So when you get on your first call in the initial days of your job as a recruiter don’t worry if you muddle up with the profiles. You need to rely on patience and practice for perfecting your art.
3. Experiment: Now when you have learnt all the tricks of the trade, you need to get started with the real challenges. Unleash your creativity (yes, you can get creative even if you are in the financial domain) and begin with simple experiments. You will be amazed by the store of creativity that you reserve in yourself. Look for methods and instruments that help you give better results in less time, just like a pencil liner instead of a liquid one.
4. Orderliness: Makeup isn’t just about glamour; it stands for smoothness and orderliness as well. The same goes for your job as well. You can’t work messily. Your work and your professional relationships should be easy and organized. There should be no gaps between the deadlines and the deliverables. Keep your excel sheet updated and the table free of clutter.
5. Diplomacy: It’s not always bad to be crafty. The purpose of makeup is to hide your negatives and highlight the positives. This is an important tact that you ought to learn for your welfare at workplace too. The thing you learn about tact is that you have to hide your anger when under work pressure and be calm during tough times.

It has been believed and experienced that good -looking folks are even thought of as charming, well-mannered and good to take on the professional role well. Grooming can help you climb up the ladder of success more quickly. Now you see why the debate whether first impressions matter or not is still hot. But even if you are a strong critic of makeup and glamour in the boardroom, you can’t deny that it is a silent teacher.

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