Recruitment Tools

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In every organization, employee recruitment is a key responsibility for human resource professionals and, plausibly, one of their foremost contribution to the company they work for. The entire process of talent acquisition is simplified for organizations with the arrival of innovative technology.

Recruitment Tools

Fortunately, there is a great number of Human Resource tools including pre-hire and Post-hire available at their disposal to warrant success in this very critical area of practice.

As HR departments are expanding their responsibility for resourcing, it is vital to get grip of the innumerable recruiting tools, channels and technologies that have emerged in recent years.

Along traditional recruiting tools, the mobile and social recruiting are growing in importance. However, Human Resource professionals are still in the process to identify where their true value lies. Nowadays, everyone one is found somewhere over the internet; the question is what to do next?

There is a plethora of social recruiting tools widely used by the organizations regardless their size of operation and nature of the business. The real challenge for recruitment leaders and HR managers is – how to best communicate and engage the candidates you find in time effective way.

With, these many recruitment channels available, HR managers not only need to find the best for their requirements. But at the same time, they must know how to use these channels efficiently and effectively.

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The gamification and video interviewing social recruiting channels considerably improved the recruitment process. Though, areas like mobile space when put in use by HR Managers then a need for coherent and thought-through strategies emerges in organizations. These strategies will assist them to deliver exceptional candidate experience.

Myriad of HR technologies and tools developed that can enhance the effectiveness of existing and emerging recruitment channels.

3 recruitment tools that have the potential to change the way recruitment leaders work

Mobile recruiting tools

Today Go Mobile” is the slogan of the generation where mobile usage is leapfrogging desktop browsing. It pushed the idea of mobile recruiting forefront and in coming year’s mobile recruiting tool predicted as “a key channel” for hiring.

The mobile recruitment channel has taken the recruitment in entirely new space. This scenario demands a better understanding of HR managers on how candidate behave in the mobile environment. Mobile recruiting tools further classified into 4 main areas –

  • Text alerts
  • Applications
  • Quick Response (QR) Codes
  • Mobile optimized website

Talent Network

Talent Network is another tool designed to assist HR Managers in managing their entire recruitment activities. This tool primarily reduces HR manager’s dependency on an external media platform. Also, help in re-engaging the candidates by sending recommendation emails without any manual interference.

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In addition to benefits mentioned above, recruiters are allowed to filter down easily their target audience. They can also track, rate and manage their candidates through Talent Network.


Gradually, the recruitment industry adopting the trend of gamification in their recruitment process. The idea of this innovative plan is to apply gaming mechanism to a non-gaming environment, for instance, recruitment.

The gamified applications have the power to convey substantial efficiencies at the front end of talent acquisition process. It is one of the fastest means to identify the right people with right skills for a particular role.

In the talent pool, the gamified applications proven better to communicate, connect and build relationships with candidates.

These three recruitment tools, mentioned above, simply represent a small picture of modern recruitment tools and channels. There is a diversified range of talent acquisition and management tools available at HR managers’ disposal. The question is how efficient they are, in utilizing them for hiring “right person for the right job” in time effective way.

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