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When the interview process comes closer towards the end, one of the most commonly asked questions by interviewer is ‘Any Questions?’ How do you react on this? Do you simply say no? Or do you start with your list of queries?

In case you say ‘no’, then you are simply missing the great chance to see the insights of the company and foresee your future career prospects with the company. This is the great opportunity for you to sniff out whether this job position matches your dream job or do you again need to look for bank jobs, engineering jobs, or any other. Thus, the tip/advice always given to the candidates looking for job is to step into the interview room prepared with few good & relevant questions. (Here, it is important to be careful about the questions you ask, because the employer would judge you on their quality as well!)

Here to your rescue are few common questions that would give you a broaden insight of the job that you are giving the interview for.

Can you brief how my typical day would be in this job role at your company?

With this question, you would get a clear idea of all the responsibilities and tasks that you would need to perform. This would help you to frame a picture of your daily work routine, challenges, and strategies to move ahead.

Is this a new job opening? Or was there anyone working for this position previously?

There is always a back story behind a new position opening in any company and inquiring about that would help you. You should know in what position you are getting into and how things were done in the past.

Since when are you connected with this company and what are the reasons for you being in this job?

The interviewer might get a back if you ask him this but he would surely answer you and share his working experience. And yes, do not forget to show your enthusiastic response with a confident smile. And yes, in case he lays back, or coughs, or starts with ‘well..’ then take it as a red signal.

Can you brief me a bit about the work environment and corporate culture here?

There is so much more than happy hours or free coffee which one needs to know about the company to not just have a good career but also to enjoy the path of reaching to it. By knowing about the culture of the company or regarding meetings, communication channel, and others, it would be easier for you to decide your comfort fit in the company.

What are company’s initiations towards learning & development?

Learning & development are the two important aspects of growth. It is important to know the initiations of the company towards this segment as this would help you in growing ahead in the career.

Well, these are the questions that you would have to ask during the interview. But there are also few questions which one needs to simply stay away from, and these are:

  • Regarding information that Google can give you easily
  • Regarding schedule, salary hike, time off, benefits, etc. (keep this for later stage when you get selected)
  • Too many questions about interviewer’s background
  • Regarding company’s policies on background checks, or monitoring e-mails or internet usage.

Also, you may share your interview experience or any thing specific that you had gone through during an important interview of your life. 


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