To keep your business on a high, it is essential that you know all about the latest happenings. Trends keep changing in days and the businesses need to be accustomed to these changes. Every now and then, some future experiment takes place and it is necessary that you keep yourself abreast on all of these issues to keep ahead of your competitors in the business world.

Here is a round-up of the top rated global business magazines-

A bible with a variety for small businesses, Inc. focuses on growth oriented companies rather than the established ones. It was founded in 1979 and is based in New York City. The magazine publishes an annual list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., the “Inc. 500. The Indian version of the magazine is available online; published by 9.9 media and the print version is expected to release soon. The magazine drives on its USP of taking care of small businesses and start-ups and plays it pretty well.



Bloomberg Businessweek
Or simply Businessweek is one of the top contenders in business magazines worldwide. Founded in 1929, the magazine was created to provide information and interpretation about what was happening in the business world. It is currently headquartered in New York City. The columns of this magazine are filled with information and innovation. The great thing about Bloomberg is that it’s laid out in a format that is easy-to-read and digestible.


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This is not essentially a business magazine but the content is more of science and technology oriented. It’s an incredible source for all tech-news and trends helpful for businesses that rely on new technologies. The content and the lay-out design are eye-catching, with exceptional gear, gadget and gizmo reviews and articles on innovative people and ideas.



Fast Company
One of the edgiest business magazines in the world, Fast Company relies on brilliant feature stories which happen to be larger in length as compared to its contemporaries with rich content and great visual appeal. It releases 10 issues per year and focuses on technology, business, and design. Its online presence comprises of four sites: Co.Design, Co.Exist, Co.Create and Co.Labs. Co.Design covers business, innovation, and design. Co.Exist specifically covers innovation-related topics. Co.Create covers creativity, culture, and commerce.



Harvard Business Review
It’s a classic example of a management magazine, published by Harvard Business Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard University. It is published 10 times a year. HBR covers a wide spectrum of topics relevant to various industries. The usual focus is on leadership, organizational change, negotiation, strategy, operations, marketing, finance, and managing people. It has reviews by some of the greatest academicians, with some spectacular insight on a specific issue.


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Do you have a favorite business magazine?

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