5 Books Inspiring Tech Entrepreneurs – En Route to Success

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Leadership has never come easy, nor has entrepreneurship. The resource promptly available to us for learning has been-Awesome books. We can gather a cluster of books those that address the spirit and skills of leaders. Today we can find some of the great leaders who have transformed into top entrepreneurs in the tech industry. What Bill Gates was inspired to? Which book fascinated Tim Cook? Let’s discover those famous books that inspired and transformed some of the most successful minds across the world:

Books that inspired the top entrepreneurs

Bill Gates

‘The Art of Computer Programming’ by Donald Knuth.

While Bill Gates has a fixed regimen for his every minute, the entrepreneur turned billionaire still takes out time to read a book in a week. Besides his love for mostly nonfiction books, Bill Gates has always been fascinated and inspired by the book ‘The Art of Computer Programming’ by Donald Knuth. Like most of his range of interests, this books also talks about transforming systems and has led him into a successful leader.

Tim Cook

‘Competing Against Time’ by George Stalk Jr.

Apple has always been concerned about managing its supply chains. Tim Cook has often been heard offering copies of this book, ‘Competing Against Time’ by George to its new employees on board.

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The books unveils how the top-notch companies manage time in a new product development, production, sales, as well as, distribution. With examples of top brands namely Fords, Honda Deere, Toyota, Wal-Mart and more been listed, the author describes how time can be utilized in the best possible manner, while ensuring a difference in results.

 Marissa Mayer

Book: ‘The Charisma Myth’ by Olivia Fox Cabane

The book offers a perfect amalgamation of unique knowledge, which is drawn from a multitude of sciences, explaining what charisma actually is about and how it works.  Mayer put author’s lessons while working at Yahoo and implemented leadership training lessons ensuring they are utilized by every member of the organization.

5 Books Inspiring Tech Entrepreneurs – En Route to Success

Steve Jobs

‘Be Here Now’ by Ram Dass

Steve Jobs, the late Apply co-founder read the book, ‘Be Here Now’ while as a student of Reed College in 1971. He was deeply moved by the concept of the book surrounding meditation and metaphysics. According to Jobs, the book really inspired and transformed him while becoming the top entrepreneur. The book is divided into four sections and is easily understandable to every novel enthusiast.

Satya Nadella

‘The Boys in the Boat’ by Daniel James Brown

Satya Narayana Nadella is a renowned name for Microsoft. Currently handling the CEO position at the organization, Nadella took leadership lessons from his favorite book, ‘The Boys in the Boat’ written by Daniel James Brown. Brown was an ex-Microsoft employee and gave an evocative explanation of how a team should be working in tandem at the highest level.

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Besides the one listed above, some of the most splendid books that every entrepreneur must explore include:

  • Boost Your Sales Using Irresistible Offers’, written by Lisa Sasevich
  • Accounting for Numberphobic, written by Dawn Fotopulos
  • E-Myth Revisited’ written by Michael
  • Choose Yourself’ written by James Altucher

Rightly said, “You are what you read.” If you are one of those entrepreneurs whose goal is to build a successful organization or brand, you might learn the tricks and tips of the trade by reading some of the books mentioned above. Not having much time is inevitable for an employer, but investing the valuable time that can help you transform as a great leader is a productive approach to be successful in the long run.

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