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The fight for top talent acquisition continues to intensify with each passing day. Not only there is a shortage of skilled candidates for niche job roles, but candidates have become cautious about taking up new job positions, keeping in mind the volatile economic climate. In such trying times, top talent acquisition for companies might become a daunting task and employed professional who are looking towards switching jobs may be seeking a very strong employer proposition and benefits to suit their needs.

However, it is a fact that the war for top talent acquisition is a perennial event, and employers have to be on their toes to attract the best talent. Yes. Recruiters and employers looking to hire new candidates can no longer choose to take the passive candidate search approach. They need to embrace effective tactics to stay ahead in the war of talent acquisition.

So, how to conquer this war of talent acquisition and sell yourself as a great employer? Here’s a look:

#1. Get active on social media

The web and the in particular social media offers abundant opportunity to promote employer branding, which has further fostered the process of talent acquisition. Major social media platforms enable companies to connect directly with job candidates, and more importantly, recruiters can even choose to tap passive candidates. Also, an organisation’s social media presence reveals the real personality of its brand and provide an insight into the organisation’s life.

#2. An excellent job ad

A well-written, well-targeted advertisement can play a huge role in the process of your talent acquisition. While the act of a job ad posting may seem simple, it plays a huge role in your recruitment process. Pay close attention to the language used and remember to highlight the company culture, employee benefits, rather than just the skills required for the particular job opening. Ensure that the tone of the language is ‘about the brand,’ and the language is engaging to which job seekers can relate easily.

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#3. Promote your brand message

As an employer or recruiter, no one knows your brand better than you do. So, remember to shout out loud about your brand to tap potential job candidates. Communicate clearly about your employer branding and explain why you love it and why others should love it too.

Prospective job candidates want to feel a synergy with the ethos of an organization and would prefer working for an organization whose ideals and goals they can align with. Communicate about work culture, performance, awards and life at work. Make sure you can advertise the same that enables to connect with prospective job candidates.

#4. Employee perks that you offer

Studies have revealed that compensation features rank third in the list of top requirements of job candidates while looking for a job change. Other than compensation what matters most is work-life balance and company ethics. This was of course followed by employee perks offered—like free food, medical benefits, travel allowances and much more. So, do you offer free food, conduct training programs or conduct annual offsite programs? When considering similar positions with similar salaries, these little perks go a long way in attracting top talent.

Finally, do remember that to stand out in the war of talent acquisition and tap the best possible talent, employers need to sell themselves. Try to showcase your different side that job seekers would find appealing. The uniqueness of an organization goes a long way in the process of acquiring great talent.

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