Office Romance

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Considering that we spend nearly 40-48 hours a week at the workplace, office romances are a common place affair. Needless to say, we end up spending a lot of time with our co-workers and come to know them at a personal level as well – often, if not always.

Once you strike up an excellent personal rapport with a colleague of the opposite sex, chances of a blooming romance cannot be undermined. While dating a co-worker can be a good idea, it can have several consequences as well.

Real life is not a fairy tale of Hans Anderson or Grimm Brothers. Explained below are a few reasons not to date your colleague/co-worker:

Reason #1.
Distraction at workplace

One of the major drawbacks of office romance is it can lead to a lot of distraction. Do you think you can concentrate on your work entirely when you have your boyfriend/girlfriend sitting in the office cubicle next to you?

Reason #2.
Centre of office gossip

Well, the moment your other co-workers, or rather the entire office comes to know about the romance, you are bound to become the hot topic for office gossip. And this kind of activity is tough to control as it spreads like wild fire. Even if you try to be as much discreet as possible, it’s difficult to avoid gossips surrounding office romance.

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Reason #3.
Professional and personal spaces get blurred

Dating a co-worker complicates your personal and professional space. You go to work, where you are expected to behave professionally and of course, keep your life at bay. But, already having your sweetheart at workplace will make it difficult for you to differentiate the lines between your personal and professional spaces. Such situation can often lead to a messy work-life balance as well.

Reason #4.
Difficult to escape after an argument or even a break-up

Every relationship goes through some ups and downs. Suppose you have an argument with your significant other; if you are in a regular relationship, you can escape or deal with the situation in a better fashion. For example, you can only head off to work and choose not to interact or see each other for the next 24 hours. But, while you are stuck up in an office romance, it’s not possible as you are bound to see each other even if you do not want it.

Worst of all, in case your relationship does not work out and you choose to part ways, things back at work will be very uncomfortable. Noticing your icy demeanor, you will again become the topic of discussion for the entire office.

Keeping in mind the points mentioned above, it is advisable you refrain from dating your co-worker, if you want to have a peaceful work life. And in case, Cupid strikes at the same job place; it is probably better that either of you take a new job.

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