Office is a complex place where of getting work done through people, except doing your own. A need for negotiating work, salary and other amenities arises which is to be dealt with skilled hands. It takes a lot of power in talking, articulating and molding the conversation in a way that gives you the best deal.


Point 1
Be Prepared

When you know you accomplish the task at hand, plan for it. Planning is the first rule for fine negotiation. Balancing the talk which could be either to get a better salary or cracking deals should be dealt with knowledge, which needs to be gathered before the talk. If you feel you are under-prepared you always have the option to delay or post-pone it according to your comfort. The bottom-line remains- if you go unprepared, you would just be negotiating for a lost cause.


Point 2
Do Not Be Desperate

That tone of desperation once caught by the other party, gives you away. Act cool and calm at the hands of a catastrophic prospective bad deal and convert it into the perfect deal. The demeanor matters as much as the knowledge. If the oppositional party gets to know how hard you want it, they have more chance of taking you for a ride and getting more in hand than they deserve.

Point 3
Spot The Tricks

Everybody has a way of negotiating. Some do it from A to Z, taking a straight route some like to talk in circles, others just throw it flatly. You should pick up instantly on these techniques of the other person and play them to your advantage. Developing a deep observational skill comes as a prerequisite for spotting tricks and treacheries of the other party.

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Point 4
Do Background Checks

Always remember to dig out important details about the person you are negotiating with. Knowing about the person, his/ her likes and dislikes keeps you at ease and helps in making impressive small talk. Salespersons especially, are given training to keep a tab on the people they are dealing with. In the end, if you are not the decision-maker in the deal then making a great impression would just help your case in cracking a neater deal rather than not knowing anything.


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