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An organization that makes investments in the development of staff paves the way for its success. By efficiently training the workforce, employers can create a working environment which is adaptive, innovative, flexible and growing. There is a wide list of training programs for employees that HR leaders can pick up and initiate within the organization. According to researchers, U.S. companies invest nearly $ 4.5 billion on an average for employee training and development.

We at CareerBuilder dig into the deeper research and came up with the below enrolled facts about some of the best global brands that, have left benchmarks in the list of training programs for employees and have built inspiring leaders, and team players:

1. Amazon – The Facts

The internal e-commerce brand has been built on core four principles – passion for innovation, customer satisfaction, long-term vision and commitment to delivering excellence. With a workforce of 2,45,000 employees, Amazon prepays nearly 95% of the tuition fee of employees who are willing to take up in-demand skill courses. With work from home facility, employees are also allowed to learn as well as, work from their comforts. The company believes in making owners from day one. This is why Amazon trains its employees to take ownership of its product range and services, so they end up leaving an incredible impact on the potential customers.

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2. Schneider Electric – The Facts

The global company specializes in energy automation and management. With 1,60,000 employees, the organization provides Energy University, which allows employees to take up free education on more than 200 courses related to data center and energy management. Besides, Schneider Electric offers a splendid range of academies for leadership management, executive development, sales excellence, operational skills and more. The company invests in employees with a belief of developing professionals with multiple skills. The thought besides training employees ultimately has been bringing forth some of the best leaders in the industry.

3. Marriott International Inc. – The Facts

The leading hotel and housing organization is spread across 85 countries. With over 4400 properties and 102, 301 employees, the number is always growing. The hotel has created a team of well-organized employees who stand out amongst the rest. The only reason behind their unsurpassed quality of professionalism and commitment to work lies in the employee training programs given virtually as well as, in person. The list of training programs for employees is centered on management, work-life balance, and leadership. For Marriott, employees are an asset, and their practical training leads to the following development of the hotel chain. Employers at Marriott look for passionate employees over experienced or skilled.

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4. Paychex– The Facts

The organization is one the leading providers of Human Capital Management solutions for HR, payroll, insurance, and retirement. The company has employed over 13,000 people who are trained to expertise. Paychex trains the sales and service employees with new-hire training programs that are given either at home or the work facility, as chosen by the employee. As per their belief, Paychex success has only possible because of its investment in staff training and development.

Tip for Employers planning for Employee Training Programs

While, it is vital to train employees for specific skills, knowledge for the advancement of their career and company’s future, it is equally significant to evaluate those training programs if they are transforming into company’s success. Diversity in training programs can give employees an opportunity to choose from an assortment of courses. Furthermore, monitoring how those learning are implemented is a must for HR managers, team leaders, and even employers. Make a wise move towards employee training, and the right execution will ultimately reflect bright results in future.

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