Without a doubt, if you go by the reviews, The Hangover Part 3 has been a mixed bag. Majorly lopsided to being below the expectations of the critics, with a few gags skewed here and there, the movie did manage to get an average score (and some much deserved applause). That said, the last sequel of Hangover has turned up well enough for the audience to enjoy a certain pace and to cull out some of the most essential lessons of life and career. Take a cue from the following:


1. A Thoroughly Enjoyable Team: What do you learn from a star cast like Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms? Well, if they are being casted together for a crazy comedy, you learn how to be a mad team. Phil, Alan, and Stu are absolutely adorable basking in the glory of their onscreen characters. The trio, no matter, how worthless all alone, is a delight to watch in a team. That is exactly how teams in the corporate environment work. No matter how weak you are individually, with your team you should be the noticeable one in whatever it does.

2. Everyone Should Be Different: Unlike what is believed – that every single person should be able to subdue his own personality to that of the corporate one, The Hangover III reveals why it is important to bring your own way and style to the team. Clashes can be faced together, using individual judgements and skills or attributes, in a creative manner.

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3. Sometimes You Get Lost to Be Found: The Hangover 3, thankfully is not about bachelor parties or marriages. It is about a road trip. So that means things are planned and there is a pre decided course that the movie will take. The twist is when the trio gets back to their senses and realized that things are really not smooth sailing. Doug has been kidnapped. Welcome to The Hangover. Now that it is out the Chow is a crazy criminal, the real fun – and the real test begins. Compare this situation with that in your HR office when your HR lead goes missing and the entire team is rendered hapless.

4. The Expected is Not Always Boring: In Hangover III you get to see a lot more of and from Chow – someone who has always had a resolute relationship with the wolf-pack. Since that the last part is all about Alan, you expect Chow to cut in and bring in some of the badness and make it look funny too.

Your luck: the expected works. In a work environment too, though the normal course of action, may feel boring and lacklustre sometimes, the outcome that it gets can be absolutely thrilling. Think of a banker who keeps checking KYCs day in and day out. How boring, you might mock. However, for the Banker who knows the significance of his work, to be able to contribute to the overall productivity is exciting.

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Though not exactly a comedy, the Hangover Part III is a light comic movie that revolves around the character Alan. It also takes the audience back to the Vegas time for the ultimate end. While everyone was craving for some raunchy humour, what the flick packaged was subtle humour (just like the way it should be at a workplace). CareerBuilder India wraps up it with the thought that The Hangover III had its own lessons to learn as well as teach.

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