The pressure to perform is tremendous. Whether you are a working mom, a father baby-sitting your newborn, or just a young professional trying to juggle fun and work – your spine can feel the stress. Adding to the hectic pace of life are the digital channels of communication and social networks.



Though you are not obligated to be signed-in and online 24/7, it is assumed that you will be up and checking Facebook even at 1:00 a.m. to take messages from fellow employees and mentors. Now, while no one expects you to get up and get working that late at night, everyone expects you to have received and read the message.

Interferences even that small can spoil the balance, right? So, how does one achieve work-life balance? For most, achieving work-life balance is a perpetual challenge. Indeed, it is not a single time task. One has to fight various aspects of this problem every single day. CareerBuilder India brings four steps for balancing work and life meaningfully, mentioned as follows:

  1. Prioritize: The first step to off-setting most of the difficulties that can arise because of imbalances in the work-life equation is to list your priorities correctly. Shortlist your tasks based on their importance. Suppose you have two tasks of equal importance, go by the rejection approach which means counting the disadvantage of choosing one over the other. That way, you will be able to make a more efficient and wise choice.
  2. Creative Thinking: Adopting a creative approach to problems can make things not just simple but fun too. For example, if you have a party to attend at 5:00 p.m. and your office hours extend to 7:00 p.m. daily, how about working from home that day, starting your work 2 hours early and leaving for the party in time? Sounds like a good option, right?
  3. Flexibility: You need to flexible with plans in case you are looking forward to create a balanced out equation between home and work. In simple words , it means that if you have to frequently keep switching roles and take up new responsibilities, you should be more than willing to accept.
  4. Have Fun: In everything you do, there should be a sense of satisfaction. Your work should motivate you. If you are not having fun doing what you do, clearly it’s not a priority for you. Your work misses the priority place for you if it is something that you do out of obligation and sense of responsibility, rather than for feeling better about yourself. Enjoying work helps one to manage better.
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BusinessNewsDaily writes an article, which talks about women who say work-life balance is not a problem. It says, “The study, conducted by Citi, surveyed women about their attitudes in the workplace. The research also found that women don’t believe the myth that they can’t have it all in their work and personal lives. Ninety-five percent of women believe they can attain everything they want at work and at home. Additionally, 63 percent of women said they have a good work-life balance, though 42 percent of women hope to be able to work from home more often.”

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