3 Tips to Recruit via You Tube

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Did you know?

  • Video has evolved as one of the most popular platforms for online branding.
  • 3 billion videos on Facebook are viewed each day.
  • 4 billion videos on YouTube are viewed on a daily basis.
  • According to Cisco, 79% of all online traffic will be through video medium by 2017.
  • Big names using YouTube for recruitment include Apple, Microsoft, Google, Shopify etc.
3 Tips to Recruit via You Tube
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Evolution of Video Employer Branding

The top business leaders such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft have witnessed the significance and impact of videos in terms of employer branding, product marketing, viral content, job descriptions, etc. With the advent of technology via mobile, videos have remarkably changed the personal experience of viewers & all this is happening with mobile devices. Considering the swift evolution in the medium, more people are today embarking towards watching product reviews, movie reviews, and even a company overview, which they are interested in. Therefore the need for companies’ to be present on the YouTube platform.

According to a study, job descriptions appearing with a video icon are viewed 12% more over traditional job postings appearing without a video icon.  Furthermore, employers installing a video icon to their job postings are able to fetch 34% more candidates’ applications over the recruiters not using this platform.

Researches reveal the average time that a YouTube user invests in watching videos is just 15minutes. Considering the YouTuber’s time, it opens an opportunity for recruiters to reach out to their prospective job seekers via creating their company’s videos, job description videosetc.; equipped with a ‘click to video’ option.

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How employers/recruiters can attract candidates through YouTube?

Follow the top 3 techniques to build your YouTube network:

Technique 1: Connect to your Audience

YouTube users are stocked with queries and comments, which they often express after watching a video. Try to answer what your audience wants to hear from you. Being an employer, you can introduce videos answering the most frequently asked questions of job seekers in a visually appealing way. Especially, in days when there is a ‘mass hiring’going on, launching adequate videos is a great way to reach out to millions of job seekers online without having to spend much time, money, and effort.

Technique 2: Display Authentic Videos Only

Authenticity of the content adds value to the video launched and through whom it is launched. For instance, if your company introduces a video telling a story about its work culture, achievements, then the images, the faces shown and any other information displayed in the video must be real and authentic so that the target audience can easily connect with the company in terms of approaching it for job purpose.

Technique 3: Monitor your Viewers! 

As a recruiter, you can monitor the mind of your prospective audience with the help of certain admin tools. For instance, “when do people switch off a particular video?”, “what topics people often watch?”, “which videos get the maximum clicks?” and so on. Using the internal YouTube analytics tool, recruiters after launching videos related to recruitment, job listings, company profile, work culture and similar can monitor the points enlisted:

  • Likes and dislikes
  • Subscriber counts
  • Comments
  • Sources of traffic
  • Viewers retention
  • Most clicked videos
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When a company is branded, it tends to reach out to its target audience in a professional way. YouTube, being one of the most searchable platforms for videos, paves a way to recruit better and employers to implement it as a strategy to attract job seekers and accentuating employer branding at the same time.

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