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In the corporate departments, the number of women employees is going up. This is a significant scenario that reveals the improved status of women in the 21st century. It signifies the actual meaning of ‘women empowerment’. We can observe their existence in every department be it sales, finance or marketing. However, HR (Human Resource) is one function in which women dominate. According to a research, women hold over 60% of the HR jobs across various industry segments. It means they are ahead of men in the HR field.

Women HR
Women HR

The points underneath support why women are delivering their best in the Human Resource domain:

  • People Management Skills

Besides being more focused than men in real life, certain traits of women indeed keep them ahead in the race, especially when it comes to dealing with people. In a corporate environment, they quickly recognize employees who are the biggest asset to the company. They have a special knack in recognizing performers. They are the best observer of performance and hence they are the best counselors to suggest people with ways to overcome issues related to their performances. They provide the best feedbacks to the company about how to tackle individual’s work related issues.

  • Comprehending Skills

They have inclination towards understanding people easily and this profession requires high competency in understanding the requirements of employees.This is where women play a significant role in their organizations as they are better at understanding people’s requirements through their intense understanding skills. Mentoring through soft communication is something that comes to women naturally and this is how they succeed in their career journeys.

  • Multitasking Skills
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Generally, women have multitasking abilities. Human Resource is a profession where HRs have to play multiple roles. The profession has evolved as a widespread people-management function which requires a sensible approach to deal with its challenges. From organization design, recruitment, training, employee-engagement, on-boarding to operations, every action requires human touch. The multitasking skills of woman make them able to better understand the challenges. On the other hand, the sensibility makes them better nurture the workplace surrounding. Women generally like more of a flexible and sensitive work-environment. If a female is hired as an HR, she would be creating the work-environment for everyone in the similar fashion.

Recent developments reveal that there are deliberate career moves; women are moving to the HR industry. Why is it happening?

The reason is – Visibility. They believe HR profession would provide them more visibility than other sectors such as marketing, finance etc. The reason why they feel HR as the right industry as far as visibility is concerned – the role they play in attracting and retaining people, communicating with them and creating policies. These activities keep them in front of people all the time. Also, women feel HR is a more meaningful profession as decisions here impacts lives of many people.

Women with their sensitive, polite and co-operative nature better justify the role of ‘Human Resource’ for any organization. As it is about dealing with people, these characteristics make them perfect for HR industry.

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