Management Lessons

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In the wake of seeing Ravana and Mandodari snoozing, Hanuman understood that he had sought the entire royal palace of Ravana and still he had not been able to discover Sita. He was unwantedly discouraged by all the depressed thoughts taking a toll over his mind. He thought what if he failed in his mission and could not face his companions waiting for him across the ocean? He also thought that losing heart at this juncture may even affect the motivation of his team and he ultimately continued to search. This rebuilding of inner strength and combating the situation positively actually worked out for Hanuman as he ultimately did find Sita in a place which was surrounded by beautiful Ashoka trees.

Management Lessons
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What if Hanuman had not overcome his feeling of failure? He would not have inspired the world to be motivated at all times, especially amidst tough challenges.

Management is required at every juncture, at workplace it is paramount to get things moving smooth. In the auspicious Navratre season, CareerBuilder presents beneath the top 3 management lessons from Hanuman that suffice to motivate the leaders and the same can be executed by them soon after the festive season:

Fight with unwanted fear

When struggling with a ‘what-if’ scenario, you must remember it is the fear of an empty mind that is causing the hindrance to think positively in this situation. Once you would re-think how costly it may come if you give up, you will not try. Lessen down the negative thoughts as soon as possible by motivating your mind. The results will indeed be reflected.

Determine the Best Alternative

Certainly you are juggling between right and wrong. Your boss might be pressurizing you for work, colleagues might be hampering your growth and stress is taking a toll over your productivity. At this juncture, focus on the future course of action instead of becoming a victim of negativity. Align your objective with your positive energies, they will help you sail through the tough phase and bring results exactly, which you desired.

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Do not stop

There will be failures coming your way to demoralize you. There will be circumstances to pull you down. Key is to keep moving ahead with the same zest and focused mindset. Choose to be a trend-setter where everyone around you feels you won’t be able to reach your destination. The greater will be your spirit, the better the results will be.

These lessons can be applied to all scenarios at workplace, and will help you work with a higher strength and patience in challenging projects. Leaders and managers must communicate these lessons to their teams and show the ladder to their professional and personal success at work.

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