Facebook Recruiting Apps

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Excited to know which those Facebook recruiting apps are you can try to fetch the best talent this year?

Facebook Recruiting Apps
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1. Hootsuite

When you want to attract job-seekers on Facebook, you can’t just simply post job openings. Rather, it is essential to post about your company, industry updates, original blogs, and pictures to showcase your fantastic work culture. How does it help? It will make your potential candidates interested and willing to associate with you.

The social recruiting tool also comes with a social listening feature. This helps you know who is mentioning your organization on Facebook. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Entelo Search

This application is noted amongst one of the most powerful social recruiting tools on the market. All you need to do is, fill in your search criteria, and the tool would automatically begin searching the ideal candidates as desired by you. The data will be pulled from both Facebook, as well as, over 50 other online sources.

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Remember that your saved searches will be refreshed automatically by the system ensuring that you do not miss on any detail about the potential candidates.

Entelo Search can also help you identify applicants who are ‘Likely to Move’. What more? Try it out.

3. Jobcast

With this social recruiting tool, recruiters can create amazing Facebook career pages, brand their identity, post all job listings and engage the candidates looking for jobs from all over the world.

Hiring managers can even embed their YouTube videos, and help job-seekers know about their company and job role in a much easier way.

Careers pages are more demanded by mobile job-seekers.

Jobcast makes it easier for candidates to look for jobs and employers to view job views without any hassle.

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