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Today, there is a plethora of productivity tools, resources, and professional sites that promise to make our day-to-day task more efficient, easier and commit being a time saver for professionals. However, the burning question is – how do you know what is worth your time and investment. As some of these sites are free while others offer premium (paid) versions to access all their features.

Well, we know how busy you are, so we did the groundwork for you and found 21 sites that will add value to your career, and life, guaranteed.

There is no deny that these sites will change the way you work. From productive advice to places to go when you need a diversion, these sites will inspire you.


Organize Your Work



1. Hackpad

It is a better version of Google Docs. Set them to private so only you can access them, or invite as many people as you want to contribute to your docs.

2. FaxZero

Today, nobody likes the fax machine. Hence, Fax Zero is your solution as it lets you receive and send faxes through email.

3. Trello

If you enjoy the look and feel of Pinterest UI (User Interface), then you will like – its Pinterest inspired “to-do list” interface. It supports you to manage all your due dates and ideas as well as keeps track of what you are in the process of completing.

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4. Rescue Time

Now, you can easily monitor how you spend your hours on your mobile devices and computer that makes it an excellent productivity tool.

5. Evernote

Evernote understands that it is not easy for you to remember everything. Thus, it helps hark back to your notes, photos, audio notes, and clippings.


It keeps your inbox clean. You receive more than ten different newsletters that you accidently opted in but don’t actually read. This is where can help.


Manage your Career



7. Sumry

The days of boring paper based text resume are gone by, now is the time to add some creativity to your resume. Sumry can quickly transform your resume into an interactive work of art.

8. Huntsy

If you are one of those applicants who believes in hit and trial method when searching for a job then Huntsy is an excellent program for you where you can keep your to-dos on track and all your applications in order.

9. LinkedIn

Seriously! You still want to know what it does.

10. PayScale

Whether you are asking for a raise or negotiating for a salary, PayScale is the best possible source of data. Here you can find out what positions pay in different sectors.

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If you want to spread a word about your work experience and skills then can help you – get personal website up and running.


Simplify your Life



12. Pocket

Sometimes (or most of the times) it happens that you don’t have time to that great post your friend just put on Twitter or LinkedIn. Do not worry, just send it to Pocket where you will be able to read it later – even offline on your mobile device while you are commuting.

13. Feedly

If you want to keep up with all the latest from your favorite publications and blogs, then Feedly (RSS reader) is your ultimate savior.


“If This Then That” (IFTTT) supports different online programs, apps and services work coherently to make your life easier. Think to have your photos automatically save to Dropbox or getting the latest tech news tweeted on your Twitter account automatically.

15. LifeHacker

From the most productivity tips to how to handle tech woes, you are sure to find all the solutions at Lifehacker. Even answers to those problems you did not even know you had.

16. Duolingo

If this season you want to be multi-lingual then Duolingo is your “app of the year” that will help you to learn a new language – and – it is free. You can use it between commercials on your lazy day and during your commute.

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Stimulate your Creativity



17. Creative Market

If you want to add a creative boost to your personal website or a blog, then you go to one place – Creative Market. Here you can effortlessly download anything from WordPress themes to fonts.

18. Squarespace

It is an awesome platform to create a website. As it says, “Giving Voice to Your Ideas.”

19. Pinterest

Who stated that Pinterest is for planning a wedding or interior decoration? There are endless possibilities to discover. Get motivated by anything from travel destinations to gadgets to tech.

20. Inspiration Grid

If you are into a creative field then “Inspiration Grid” is an exciting program, where you can look at something impressive and beautiful – from design, architecture, design and a lot more.

21. Behance

Whether you are a Designer or looking for one, Behance is a place to start with. Here you can discover what creative people are making or showcase your designs for free.

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