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HCM (Human Capital Management) market is dynamic and energetic as it has been over the last three years, at times this even means re-learning a new recruitment technology and tool after it has been integrated into a larger system.

Being an early adopter in recruitment industry always involves testing new technologies at both professional and personal front.

The concept of “Keeping up with the Joneses” is a new version of M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions), and it is what driving the Recruitment Technology companies to devise and launch new and old tools with innovative & exciting features.

3 Recruitment Technology Trends you need to be aware of

In recruitment and human resource industry, TECHNOLOGY is inestimable. More significantly, these new technologies are driving a Human Resource towards opportunity and real change.

In the past, companies keep their bleeding edge technology in recruitment at bay, as they do not have enough to spend or do not want to be a failed leader. However, times have changed and today, organizations believe in maintaining their “paradigm of success” and do not wish to settle for less – even if they have to invest a bit extra on the technology front.

Let’s take a quick look at the three amazing pre-hire technology that will be the talk of 2016.

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Talentstream Recruit is a comprehensive pre-hire recruitment platform and is more than an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), with – one login, one search – offers you the convenience of choosing quality candidates.

It combines the power of:
– Talenstream Engage (a professional career site)

– Talenstream Workflow (Candidate Management) or Applicant Tracking

– Talenstream Job Distribution (reach Candidates via job postings )



Most Significant recruitment challenges will be addressed by CareerBuilder’s Talenstream Sourcing Platform, which enable recruiters and hiring managers to SEARCH suitable candidates across their:

– Internal database & ATS
– External Job Boards, and
– Professional Networking Databases


This is not it, the Talenstream Sourcing Platform leverages SEMANTIC search technology and offers companies with a sourcing workflow tool for external and internal search along, options for job distribution and social referrals.


Capture the real story with your recruitment and HR data. With Broadbean’s Analytics Suite you can now gain the insight from across all recruitment systems, data sets and processes from one platform.

Today, DATA is everything in the recruitment industry. If you are looking for elaborate answers on your workforce data, then there is no better tool than Broadbean’s Analytics Suite that will show you what MATTERS MOST.


These are some of the technology trends in recruitment that you need to watch out for in 2016. Out there in recruitment technology market, innumerable recruitment tools available (free and paid), the question is how efficient you are in choosing the right ONE at the right TIME.

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