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Did you know that there are more than 200 companies ready to pay you to take time off? And, it is called Sabbatical, which is kind of interesting leave policy implemented by some major brands throughout the world.

Sabbaticals are being presented to employees in an ever-increasing variability of styles and lengths.

According to Wikipedia, “Sabbaticals is a break or a rest from the work, often lasting from 2 months to a year”. Typically, one year of sabbatical is offered for every seven years worked.

In this article, let me introduce you to 12 companies that provide sabbatical or paid time off to their employees.

Why sabbaticals are important?

Encouraging employees through sabbatical helps in stemming the career rut and attrition rates that typically sets in after a few years. Organizations like Infosys, Adobe, Deloitte and many others, motivate staff to engage in societal projects apart from personal reasons and pursuing higher education.

1. Deloitte


Deloitte, a professional services firm has two sabbatical options for its employees:

  • One month time off is applicable after six months of continuous service
  • Three to six months’ time off shall apply after two years of continuous service
  • Both these options are combined with Paid Time Off (PTO).

However, these sabbaticals have certain rules that employees must follow to earn a good paid time off.

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2. Arthrex


– An orthopedic supply firm presents its employees years of service trips. In past two years, more than 150 employees took the benefit of the sabbatical program.

  • In every subsequent five years, employees have approved 2-weeks plus the handout. Their “service trips” include paid time off and other vacation time.

3. Boston Consulting Group


The BCG or Boston Consulting Group provides its employees sabbatical benefits up to eight weeks in length after 5 years of employment. However, this advantage is limited to partner level only.

  • Some of the sabbaticals at BCG include teaching at country’s top business schools, a visit to ashrams in India.
  • BCG even encourages 12 months old consultants to take unpaid, voluntary time off.

4. Adobe Systems


Adobe Systems has a kind of refreshing sabbatical program:

  • In every 5 years, tenure employees can take a sabbatical of 4 weeks
  • At the 10 years, tenure employees are entitled to take sabbatical of 5 weeks
  • After 15 years of tenure, the time-off increases to 6 weeks

5. Genentech


Genentech, a biotechnology corporation presents 6 weeks holidays to its full-time employees after every consecutive 6 years of service. This benefit is accessible in combination with Paid Time Off.

6. Hyland Software


The creator of OnBase content management software offers:

  •  8 weeks of work break to those employees who have completed 8 consecutive years of their service at Hyland.
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7. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)


PWC is a professional service network has two variants of its sabbatical program:

  • A Career Milestone is awarded to a director and senior manager including promotions and one month vacation time as well as up to 3 weeks of paid time off.

The PTO benefit is also applicable to those employees who served the organization for 5 consecutive years.

8. Vmware


After completing their 5 consecutive years of service at Vmware, employees are offered with “Take 3” – a sabbatical benefit, in which they offered 3 months of rejuvenation break. Under ‘Take 3″ program, employees are proposed to participate in meaningful projects independent of their everyday jobs.

9. Perkins Coie

Perkins Coie

An international law firm presents two months of sabbatical benefits after 13 years for non-exempt staff and 10 years of service for exempt staff.

Also, employees have the option to add their up to 1 month of PTO to the sabbatical benefit.

10. General Mills

General Mills

The renowned food corporation, General Mills offers its employees the leave benefits of maximum 12 weeks and minimum of 4 weeks.

However, to quality, the benefit full-time and part-time employees must have served 7 years with the organization.

11. Autodesk


The software company offers “work break” benefit of up to 6 weeks to its employees who served the organization for 4 consecutive years. This sabbatical can be combined with other PTO benefits.

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12. Infosys


The information technology service provider presents its employees with 1-year sabbatical benefit. However, the organization would continue to pull fifty percent of their salary during the period.

Organizations are now embracing the idea of sabbaticals as they offer significant benefits to companies and employees. In an ever changing work environment, where employees must be valued, or else they leave, organizations must be innovative with how they are attracting and retaining talent.

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