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Did You Know? Around 72 hours of video is uploaded every minute to YouTube. While an online user spending approximately 15 minutes/day on watching the same.

No doubt Videos enable brands to convey users a stronger message within seconds – making it the most powerful marketing tool. Today, YouTube has become the front-end of employer branding and marketing for recruiters.

Data suggests that “job openings with video icons are viewed 12% more than ones without a video link”. On an average, employers receive 34% hike in application rate just by posting a video to their job openings.

In a nutshell, if a company desires to create a desirable brand that has a realistic perception in the eyes of potential employees and recruiters, Video Marketing should top their agenda.

Here, we bring forth the 12 best examples of recruitment videos created for employer branding:


1. Twitter’s Recruiting Spoof Ad

Funny is viral and even Twitter understands the need of creating an engaging employer brand. The ‘Future is You’ video is an intelligent way to display amazing work environment and employee perks that one receives at Twitter.

TAKEAWAY –  Investing in spoofs and funny commercials that illustrate company culture could provide long-term benefits.

2. Dropbox’s Puppet Video Ad

The most innovative recruitment commercials award goes to Dropbox. Have you ever imagine puppets preaching about work culture and company values? Well, Dropbox sets an apt example of ‘dare to be different’ where mannequins speaks on the behalf of employees.

TAKEAWAY –  Do not fear trying something new and innovative when it comes to engaging top talent.

3. Google’s Googliness of a Noogler Ad

Probably one of the best recruiter brands across the world, Google doesn’t fail to showcase its Googliness in this video ad. Sharing first week’s journey of interns, their background and evolution to attract future job prospects is a great method to create an engaging hiring process.

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TAKEAWAY –  Showcasing your business impact and letting your newest hire speak their mind has huge impact.

4. Facebook’s Be Bold Ad

Facebook is the apt example of being bold and unconventional and so is their recruiting commercial. Founder and VP’s testimonial is a great way to create authority  and trustworthiness over the data being presented in the video from hiring prospects as depicted in this branding video.

TAKEAWAY –  Use data to showcase why you are the best and what makes your work unique. Let your management speak real organizational insights.

5. Apple’s User Experience Ad

Apple’s recruitment video is an example of how does leaders work. From providing insights on product development to minds creating great technologies, Apple not fails to create an impact on user’s mind via this clever hiring commercial.

TAKEAWAY –  Providing a tour to company’s uniqueness and hardship could be real engaging. Speak from a leader’s perspective and keep your goals clear.

6. Starbucks’s Let Your Employee Speak Ad

Starbucks has created a super fun and focused video articulated ever in ‘employee testimonial ad’ category. Depicting career growth and organizational journey from an intern to full-time employed staff is amazing. Smart use of company culture and fun at work to provide an insight of company’s recruitment process is really appealing.

TAKEAWAY –  Push your employees to the driver seat and focus on creating an employer brand that becomes likable globally.

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7. Barclays’s Humor To Engage Ad

Barclays’s one-minute hiring video is a sound sample of having a priceless recruiting ad. A Hollywood style video that grabs the attention of future candidates by showcasing company culture and personality through unconventionally storytelling methods.

TAKEAWAY –  ‘Humor to engage’ is the best way to grab the attention of future job prospects.

8. HubSpot’s Inside the Company Ad

Hubspot’s hiring video is one of the best illustration of actual ‘work environment’. The software firm provides an inside look at ‘how a regular employee work within the firm’ displaying real work ecosystem.

TAKEAWAY –  Inside tour videos and real insights are a great tool for candidate engagement. In short, talk about the company & showcase the culture you preach as an organization.

9. Shopify’s Life at The Firm Ad


Shopify shares this amazing life at the company video unfolding stories of an awesome work culture. The key essence is to create something which is timeless by keeping it simple and fresh. Shopify’s recruitment video is the best example of ‘employee ambassadorship’ and preaching true business values.

TAKEAWAY –  Keep it classy and simple. Create something which is timeless and preaching true company ethics.

10. KPMG’s Why Choose The Company Ad

KPMG has one of the trickiest recruitment ads ever. This video is a good example of two contradicting environments narrating ‘Who is Perfect for KPMG’ and ‘Why One Must Work for KPMG?’ An interesting hiring video illustrating the benefits company provides to its highly engaged work partners globally.

TAKEAWAY –  Don’t be hesitant to try something extraordinary and present real data highlighting work benefits.

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11. CareerBuilder’s Great Place to Work Ad

This is a perfect example of hiring video with employee testimonials narrating ‘What Makes CareerBuilder a Great Organization to Work For?’ As a Recruitment and HR Technology leader, CareerBuilder recruitment advertisement depicts how to make a formal recruitment video ad that highlights key business information, work ethics and reasons to work for CareerBuilder.

TAKEAWAY – Keep it formal yet engaging. Let your employee preach your company values.

12. Innocent Glee Club’s Fun at Work Ad

The most original and fun employer branding video one can find online is Innocent Team’s Lady Gaga performance. Setting a perfect example of having ‘a fun day at work’, Innocent Glee Club employees sing and perform Lady Gaga showcasing what an awesome work environment Innocent has.

TAKEAWAY – Keep it casual and fun. No matter how big or small the firm is creating a fun, exciting, and great work environment should be the prime goal.

Why Should a Firm Invest in Recruitment Commercials?

As per The Buzz Lab, recruitment videos have proved to be a great branding tactic as “by inviting the audience to a place they normally wouldn’t have access to, companies establish a human connection with them”.

The goal of recruitment video is to provide quick glance about company culture and environment, creating a sense of familiarity among candidates. This sense of familiarity helps recruiters create a pool of talent which is familiar with the firm and are willing to work, making it one of one of the best marketing technique.

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