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Beat Monotony of Your Work Life in Delhi

The job offer you got from Delhi asks you dedicate long working hours and spend most of the time managing professional tasks. This is something most of the professionals in the city face, but at the time the city brings many pleasures that you can look forward to. Delhi, the city looks content. It has [...]


The IT Industry: Not About Coding Alone

For many young people, working in the IT industry is synonymous with being a programmer. While there is nothing wrong with coding, and it is a great fit for some, there are other opportunities too. Some of these options for you to consider: Business development and sales For any organisation to function and grow, it [...]


Want To Be A Healthcare Professional?

They say that two industries never really face a downturn: Food and Healthcare; because, people love to eat, and people will fall sick. Jokes apart, healthcare is indeed a booming industry in India, and for those with an interest in the field and good people skills, there are many career options (besides the most obvious [...]


Tips On Taking A Sabbatical From Work

Work goes on, so does life. But a day comes when we feel like getting out of the whole mundane way of things and break away. Mind you, only temporarily. That feeling is called the call for a sabbatical. However, coming to that decision is not easy. Even if you do, there would be questions [...]


Communication Tips For The Only Woman in A Team

If you are the only woman in the team handling a project and going through a tough time communicating, here we are at your service. Firstly, understand that you are as good as any of the men. If you get that bit, then you get the confidence which is required to communicate with gusto. Male-dominated [...]


Doing Tasks Seem Impossible At The Workplace

Suddenly you get out of college thinking to take the world by a storm. Heavens deliver you into a job you have no clue about. The degree course that you studied seems insufficient in the current realm of things, and you are caught in this mess. Tangled beyond repair. The thing is, you have no [...]


Looking For Job? Try Online Search

When you are on the look-out for that perfect job that checks all the boxes, then it does come across as a demanding effort- however, online job searches have made this laborious job quite simplified and easier. Online tools for searching jobs through various credible websites are quite easy as it can considerably enhance your [...]


Office Behavior Which Kills Your Self-Worth

Not that there are self-depreciating elements in the world that you add another one, on your whim and try to play it around with people. Well, child all you are doing is just killing your own credibility if you undermine yourself. To elaborate it further, we all come across people who are just too self-critical. [...]


The importance of breaks at work

In today’s hectic work space people suffer from various productivity issues. Everybody is pressed for time and the aim is to spend maximum amount of time and efforts towards achieving work goals and targets. Often we see managers professing the theory ‘More time you put in to work, more will be the productivity’. This theory [...]


Turning Down Job Offers Graciously

So, you spent a week looking for jobs and going through a hoard of interviews and now after all the hardwork you are at this enviable position of having more than one job offer in hand. Isn’t it just awesome like that? But the now low remains that you have to turn down the ones [...]

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