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Unlike growing a chia plant at your workstation, you need to put a lot of time and effort into making your next hire. That’s because job seekers expect responsiveness and communication throughout the hiring process. Setting the right expectations for job seekers from the start — by communicating regularly and effectively…

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Shun the Old Tricks. Your Resume Needs Creative Revival

Enough of the old resume tips & tricks. It’s time to move ahead with a spark in this tough competition of job hunt. Here is a secret that can really help outshine your resume and help you tell the future employer why he must take you onboard. It is said…

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Are you ready to negotiate your employment package?

A job offer and the potential salary and benefits that come with it are something to be excited about. But before you sign any paperwork, read the fine print and look over the offer. There’s likely room to negotiate for a better deal than the initial contract, and there are…

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Let’s Beat the Fear Of Failure Today

“Why do some journeys fill us with hesitation? What stops us in tracks? Why do we not always seem to be prepared to set off beneath the looming sky? But set off we must. Command the road we must. And challenge the very challenges that come our way…? It’s Sunday…

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Lesson Learnt From An IITian

Fresh out of college, I was very happy with placement in a top notch MNC. Although it was an IT company and I passed in Electronics but good salary, ample holidays and lucrative incentives made it wonderful for me. I believed that finally I could do everything I wanted to….

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6 jobs for workers with introverted personalities

When it comes to personality types, introverts may be one of the most misunderstood. Their quiet disposition can sometimes be mistaken for a lack of enthusiasm, a lack of interest or even rudeness. In reality, introverts get as excited as anyone about things that interest them – they just have…

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An App that Made My Travel Worthy

Until a week before, there was one tiring thing that I had to do every day, for which I used to crib every time and had no other option. No! that’s not my job, I surely love it. But it’s 1 hour 34 minutes metro ride that I have to…

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Another Must Ask Interview Question: #allaboutHR

Being an interviewer, there must be one quality which you never compromise with in your hire. What’s  that? Does it anyways connected to passion? Well, many would say yes, because a passionate employee is much likely to do well than a person who has the higher degrees but is not so passionate about his…

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Yes, Your Employees Are Valuable. Tell them!

Work environment is getting more volatile and ambiguous today. How many of you do agree with this? Well, the growing number of attrition rate completely backs this statement. So, how do you think you can make a difference with your team. It’s simple. Tell them how valuable they are to…

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Tasks for HRs: Spread the word for Swine Flu Protection

The Holi celebrations at your office were superb; kudos to you and your team’s efforts. But wait, I hope you did not forget to spread the word against H1N1 flu amidst the festive celebrations. Protecting your workplace, emphasizing proper hygiene and keeping it healthy is one another aspect you must…

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