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The IIM Ahmedabad Guy

The day was tiring and excessive work had drained my mind. I just wanted to reach home and fall on my bed. The office cab got stuck in a traffic jam. I tried…

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It’s Time For Flexible Hiring

Significance of Quality Workforce Doubtlessly, the biggest strength and backbone of any organization are the employees. As an individual, you might think of an excellent idea but in order to implement it, you…

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Good work gets you blessed!

I don’t pray. I haven’t ever tried to establish a relationship with the Almighty. And it is when; I have a great faith in his existence. I haven’t ever done anything to please…

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What does a good work environment mean?

A friend of mine, who recently graduated college, has joined a reputed IT firm in Delhi. Academically, she has been excellent throughout, so I knew she will perform well professionally too. We planned…

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5 Clever Ways for Calling worthy Meetings

“A short meeting in Conference room at 5!” – You have spread the word in your team, however are you really prepared to hold this meeting in the worthiest way? Many times leaders…

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